Pueblo County, Colorado

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Arthur L. Robison, manager at Pueblo for the Colorado Live Stock & Loan Company, in which connection he is controlling important business interests, is a native of Crawford county, Kansas. He was born in the year 1880, a son of Frank Charles and Clara (Potter) Robison. The family arrived in Colorado in 1890, settlement being made in Colorado Springs, but the father is now deceased. Arthur L. Robison was educated in the public schools and in the high school of Colorado Springs, Colorado, after which he attended business college at Colorado Springs and thus further qualified for life's practical and responsible duties. In his youthful days he became identified with the cattle industry, first as a cowboy, in the employ of the Alfalfa Land & Cattle Company, and the Riley Lennord Cattle Company and John H. Riley. He began work at a wage of but twenty dollars per month, but his capability and trustworthiness led to frequent promotions until he was receiving one hundred and fifty dollars per month. For a time he was with the George Cheesman Company and afterward with Haley. Harris & Company, but was ambitious to engage in business on his own account and saved his earnings until this course was possible. He had a one-third interest in the business with Haley, Harrris & Company in New Mexico and he has had cattle experience in many of the western and southwestern states. He has occupied his present position as manager with the Colorado Live Stock & Loan Company in the Pueblo office since October, 1917. This company is extensively engaged in buying and selling cattle and loaning money on cattle and Mr. Robison's marked ability in this direction led to his selection for the present important position which he now fills. There is nothing connected with the cattle interests of the west with which he is not familiar, having gained comprehensive knowledge from the time when he went upon the range as a cowboy. His company operates quite extensively in New Mexico and Arizona, necessitating Mr. Robison making frequent trips to that section of the country. In 1915 Mr. Robison was united in marriage to Miss Tressa Sullivan, of Fountain, and they now have one daughter, Helen. In politics Mr. Robison maintains an independent course, voting for man, above party. On many questions of citizenship he takes an advanced stand, supporting measures and movements which be believes will be of the greatest possible public benefit. He belongs to the Old Timers' Cowboys' Association and is interested in all those things which have to do with the olden days but has ever maintained a spirit of the utmost progressiveness in relation to affairs of the present. History Of Colorado Illustrated Volume III Chicago The S. J. Clarke Publishing Company 1918

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