Pueblo County, Colorado

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Jack McAllister is at the head of the Big 4 Auto Parts Company of Pueblo and is one of the best known men in this connection in the state by reason of his long and practical experience in the business, which has qualified him for expert work along that line. He was born in Kokomo, Indiana, on the 16th of July. 1885, and is a son of John and Retta (Mark) McAllister. The father was a farmer by occupation, devoting his life's work to that pursuit, and both he and his wife spent their entire lives in Indiana. Jack McAllister began his education in the public schools but when only seven years of age had to go to work in a glass factory near his home. There is perhaps in this volume no record which illustrates more clearly the possibilities for the attainment of success through individual effort as does his life record. When he reached the age of twelve he had a little chance to attend school. In fact, he had only three years' schooling altogether, but he possesses an observing memory and he has added much to his knowledge as the years have gone by, learning many valuable lessons in the school of experience. He early became interested in the automobile business, with which he has become acquainted in all of its various departments. He spent sixteen years in the employ of different firms in Indiana. For two years he was with the firm of Haines & Apperson and for one year was with the Rider Automobile Company. He afterward spent three years with the Interstate Automobile Company and for a time was associated with the Cole Automobile Company of Indianapolis. In 1914 he came to Colorado, making Denver his destination, at which time he entered the employ of the Charles F. Cole Motor Company. When Mr. Cole withdrew from the automobile business Mr. McAllister came to Pueblo and entered into partnership with S. T. Mayall in the automobile business. In 1917 he became a partner in the Big 4 Auto Parts Company, which was then incorporated. They deal in second hand automobile parts and carry a large and varied stock of all parts used in all kinds of cars. Their business has steadily grown and developed and they now employ several men. Their trade has reached extensive and gratifying proportions, making theirs one of the profitable concerns of this section of the state. On the 27th of October, 1906, Mr. McAllister was united in marriage to Miss Maude Troyer and they have a wide acquaintance in Pueblo. In politics he is a democrat but without aspiration for office, preferring to concentrate his efforts and attention upon his business affairs. Fraternally he is identified with the Benevolent Protective Order of Elks. He turns to hunting and fishing for recreation. In fact, he is fond of all forms of outdoor life but he never allows pleasure to interfere with business nor the faithful performance of his duties as a citizen. He is a public-spirited man, interested in the welfare and progress of city and state and lending active aid and cooperation to many well devised plans and projects for the general good. He certainly deserves much credit for what he has accomplished. There are indeed few who are forced to start out in the world to earn their own living at the early age of seven years, as did Mr. McAllister. Since that time he has been dependent upon his own resources and as the architect of his fortunes has builded wisely and well. History Of Colorado Illustrated Volume II Chicago The S. J. Clarke Publishing Company 1918

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