Pueblo County, Colorado

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George C. Evans, engaged in the real estate, loan and insurance business in Pueblo, was born in New London county, Connecticut, on the 25th of February, 1857, a son of J. D. and Julia A. (Crosby) Evans. The mother was a descendant of one of the old and prominent New England families represented in that section of the country from colonial times. Both Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Evans have passed away. Their family numbered six sons and four daughters. George C. Evans, who was the fourth in order of birth, was accorded liberal educational opportunities by his parents in his early youth. He attended the public and high schools and was afterward a student in a private academy and in a military school at Norwalk, Connecticut. But the spirit of adventure caused him in his boyhood to go to sea for a brief period. He sailed for South America but the ship was wrecked and he then made his way to his old home. He afterward pursued a commercial course in Pierce's Business College at Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and following his graduation he turned his attention to the furniture business in connection with an older brother; but the lure of the west was upon him and in 1879 he left New England for Colorado, where he became connected with a surveying crew. Thus he became acquainted with the experiences and hardships of frontier life. The surveyors had trouble with the Indians and other difficulties constituted a part of his experience in connection with survey work upon the western frontier. He afterward took up business as a furniture salesman and was so engaged for a number of years. He also spent some time as a commercial salesman in other lines and in 1890 he removed to Pueblo, where he opened a real estate, loan and insurance agency, which he has since successfully conducted. He is thoroughly familiar with real estate conditions, knows the property that is upon the market and is most correct in placing valuations thereon. He has negotiated many important realty transfers and his clientage has assumed gratifying proportions. He also has a well organized loan and insurance department and these various branches of his business are bringing to him well merited success. On the 23d of October, 1898, Mr. Evans was united in marriage to Miss Josephine Eichhorn, a native of Iowa and a representative of one of the prominent families of that state. They have become parents of a son, George T., who is now in the internal revenue service. In politics Mr. Evans maintains an independent course. His desire is that politics shall be kept clean and his activities have ever been toward that end with civic betterment as an objective. He has always declined to become a candidate for office but has never been remiss in the duties of citizenship and stands for all those things which he believes will prove of permanent worth and value to his community. He holds membership in the Episcopal church, while his wife belongs to the Congregational church and in musical circles she is very active and prominent. They are both well known socially and enjoy the warm regard of all with whom they have been brought in contact. Various experiences have come to Mr. Evans in the course of his active life, which in time brought him to the west. He is fully satisfied to make Colorado his home, recognizing the advantages and opportunities of the state, and he feels and appreciates that his interests are thoroughly allied with those of Pueblo. History Of Colorado Illustrated Volume III Chicago The S. J. Clarke Publishing Company 1918

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