Pueblo County, Colorado

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James Duce, who on the 20th of April, 1913, entered upon the duties of his present position as state inspector of oils for Colorado, has made a most excellent record during the intervening period of five years and under his direction or according to his suggestion marked advance has been made in the matter of oil inspection with a view to improving conditions under which oils are manufactured, handled and use. Mr. Duce is of English nativity. He was born in Staffordshire, England, on the 19th of August, 1861, and is a son of John and Harriet (Keen) Duce, who were likewise natives of that country. The father was a government small arms manufacturer and both he and his wife are now deceased. James Duce supplemented his early education by study in the University of London and in Queens College. He became a member of the Institute of Electrical and Mining Engineers and attained considerable efficiency along the lines to which he directed his efforts and attention. At length he determined to try his fortune in the new world and in 1890 crossed the Atlantic to Canada hut did not tarry in that country. He made his way direct to Colorado in the same year and was engaged in newspaper work in this state for some time, residing at various locations, where he also engaged in coal mining. Thus varied business interests claimed his energies and attention until the 20th of April, 1913, when he entered upon his present position as state inspector of oils. Since then he has issued biennial reports showing prevailing conditions in the state having to do with the production, use and sale of oils. This work includes the inspection of many millions of gallons of oil annually, with an understanding of every phase of the trade and use of oil products. Recommendations that he has made for safeguarding life and property by a closer inspection and a more rigid enforcement of the law concerning the standards of oil used have been incorporated into legislative proceedings and thus found their way to the statute books of the state, resulting in much excellent work being done and many improvements made. In 1890 Mr. Duce was united in marriage to Miss Mabel Terry, a daughter of James Terry, and they became the parents of four children. James Terry is a graduate of the University of Colorado and later became an instructor in the geological department of that university. He has also acted as assistant professor of Washington University in St. Louis and served as secretary of the state bureau of mines. At present he is under orders from the government In the chemical division of the United States Army. Katherine is a graduate nurse, having received her certificate from the Minnequa Hospital of Pueblo. She subsequently attended the University of Colorado at Boulder, where she remained including her junior year, and is now connected with Base Hospital No. 29 of the American Expeditionary Forces. Harold Taylor, the third in order of birth, is a sophomore at the University of Colorado in Boulder, being a student in the mechanical engineering department. R. Stanley, the youngest, is attending the public schools. Mr. Duce is a Mason in his fraternal relations, loyal to the teachings and purposes of the craft. His religious faith is that of the Episcopal church and in political belief he is a democrat. He is serving as industrial education secretary of the Colorado Labor Educational Association and he is interested in all those forces which work for higher intellectual and moral standards and for more advanced ideals of citizenship. History Of Colorado Illustrated Volume III Chicago The S. J. Clarke Publishing Company 1918

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