Pueblo County, Colorado

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Thomas A. Christian, instructor in vocal music in Pueblo, was born at Peel, on the Isle of Man, on the 14th of September, 1879, a son of William T. and Catherine (Clark) Christian. The father was a master mariner and died in the year 1901. The mother resides in Lakewood, Ohio. Thomas A. Christian was educated in the schools of his home town and early nianii fested musical talent and ability. He was given excellent opportunities to develop his1 powers in this direction, studying under some of the most able musicians of his native land. In 1902 he came to the United States, establishing his home in Cleveland, Ohio, and was there engaged as soloist in Trinity cathedral and also was for a time a member of the quartette of the Second Presbyterian choir. He belonged to the Singers Club of Cleveland, an organization that is nationally known. The rigors of the eastern climate however, caused him to seek a district where he would not have to pass through the severe winters and in 1912 he removed to San Antonio, Texas. Later he became a resident of El Paso, Texas, and afterward of Albuquerque. New Mexico. He possesses a splendid baritone voice. He began to sing in public at the age of seventeen years and through the intervening period has done much concert and oratorio work. His studio is at Thirteenth street and Grand avenue in Pueblo. His concert work since coming to Colorado in 1916 has taken him to every city of any size in the state, including Denver and Colorado Springs. He has concertized extensively throughout the west and southwest, and filled a number of May festival engagements with great success. His teachers were among the most famous of England's musicians and his natural powers have been developed by thorough study as the years have passed. Mr. Christian is a member of the First Presbyterian church of Pueblo and is the director of its choir. He is also director of Pueblo's municipal chorus and organized and directs the Pueblo Male Chorus. He belongs to the Civic Music Committee and is a member of the Chamber of Commerce. He is also very active in Young Men's Christian Association work. He gave up all his professional interests and engagements and went to Canada to join the British forces after the outbreak of the present war but was not accepted because of the condition of his health. In every possible way. however, he is attempting to do his bit for the allied cause, and is at present engaged as a song leader in the Young Men's Christian Association at Camp Cody. His professional work has done much to raise musical standards in the state and has added much to the enjoyment of all music lovers. History Of Colorado Illustrated Volume III Chicago The S. J. Clarke Publishing Company 1918

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