Pueblo County, Colorado

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Mr. Livesy is an educated gentleman and the largest land-owner and stock-dealer in Pueblo County. Though of a retiring disposition and no desire to come into public notice, his wealth and large business transactions have made him a noted and prominent man. He was born in Lancashire, England, November 16, 1847. He received his education at the English public schools, a preparatory school for the army, and in Switzerland. An army life would have been his chosen profession, but for circumstances transpiring which changed the whole direction of his mind and brought him, in 1869, to Texas. After residing in Texas a year. he returned to England to buy cotton, which, being a more hazardous business than he cared to follow, was discontinued at the end of three years, and another trip to America planned and made. A location to suit him was not found, and he extended his journey to British Columbia, New Zealand and Australia, and returned to England, to again come to America. He came to America the third time, and bought steers on the Pan Handle, Texas, then settled in the Arkansas Valley, ten miles above Pueblo, on the Goodnight and Cresswell property, an eight thousand acre tract of farming and grazing land, which he and his brother purchased, intending to raise beeves. Sheep proving more profitable, they sold off much of all other stock, and now raise, buy and sell sheep. An idea of the purchases and sales he makes can be formed when it is read that he has constantly on his range from ten thousand to eighteen thousand sheep, several thousand head of cattle, and buys and sells by the hundreds and thousands. He sheared 50,000 pounds of wool last year and will increase the amount next year.  History of the Arkansas Valley, Colorado O L Baskin & Co., Chicago, 1881

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