Pueblo County, Colorado

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Owing to the difficulty of obtaining more particulars, this sketch of Mr. Livesy's life is much shorter than it is wished it were, for the history in detail of a gentleman of his pure tastes and delicacy would, it is believed, be read with great interest by the perusers of this book. He is the son of a wealthy cotton dealer of Blackburn, Lancashire, England, and was born March 15, 1850. He attended the public schools of Blackburn till 1867, and then, after having been engaged a year and a half with his father at Uppingham in the cotton business, he became a student of Cambridge University, and graduated in four years, and had the degree of Bachelor of Arts conferred upon him. His father desired him to make theology his profession, but having a strong love for agricultural pursuits, he attended the agricultural college at Cirencester, Gloucester, a year, with a view to making farming his calling in life, and came to America, in 1875, in search of ground to farm. A six months' search in Colorado, failing to find ground on which he wished to locate, he went to New Zealand, but having learned that he could invest money in Colorado to better advantage than there, he returned in 1876, and in partnership with his brother, bought what is known as the Goodnight and Cresswell property, a large tract of land ten miles from Pueblo, and has since been engaged in dealing in stock, cattle, sheep and wool.  History of the Arkansas Valley, Colorado O L Baskin & Co., Chicago, 1881

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