Pueblo County, Colorado

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Mr. Jones is well known as a prominent stock man of Southern Colorado. He is numbered among the "old timers," almost his entire life having been spent in the West. He was born at Fort Wayne, Ind., September 2, 1847. He moved with his parents to Missouri in 1856. The following year they moved into Western Kansas, to Bent's Fort, now in Colorado. They afterward removed to Booneville, Colo. In 1862, when but fourteen years of age young Jones was placed in charge of the Government stores at Booneville or Camp Fillmore. He disbursed supplies until the next year. He had become quite proficient in speaking Spanish, and in 1863 he went to Tucson, Arizona, where, for a number of years, he acted as interpreter for the Quartermaster's Department of that district. In 1871, Mr. Jones came to Pueblo County, Colo., and embarked in the stock business. He was for several years in partnership with H. S. Stevens, but he is now connected with his brother in business, and devotes his attention entirely to sheep. The sheep interest has become quite important in Colorado. Mr. Jones and his brother handle immense flocks of sheep. Between September, 1880, and January, 1881, they sold 42,000 head. They expect to excel all their former operations in 1881. Mr. Jones has been very successful in his undertakings, and has grown quite wealthy. He was married at Booneville, Colo., October 5, 1876, to Miss Harriet Boone, a descendant of the noted Daniel Boone.  History of the Arkansas Valley, Colorado O L Baskin & Co., Chicago, 1881

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