Las Animas County, Colorado
Starkville School

Page contributed by Karen Mitchell. Data contributed by Carol Lombard. The following was originally written by Bernice Kane, 3-13-1982, a long-time educator in Las Animas County.

The town of Starkville at one time maintained three school houses:  North Starkville District #53; Central Starkville, District #30; and South Starkville.

North Starkville: In the beginning the school was known as Leyba School District #53.  It consisted of three class rooms comprising grades 1-8.  During World War I or thereabout a new building consisting of 4 classrooms was constructed and became North Starkville District 53.  Enrollment was quite large for many years. 

After the closing of the Starkville mine in 1921, enrollment began to dwindle, and in a few years teacher positions dropped from 4 to 3, then eventually to one teacher.

Central Starkville: Central Starkville school building was originally a 3 classroom building.  Some time along the way, a third room was added employing four teachers for many years.  With declining population of school age children, this also caused a reduction in teacher positions.  Central Starkville also was from grades 1 through 8.

South Starkville: The original South Starkville was lost to a fire and a new 2 room building erected.  South Starkville was eventually eliminated and students attended Central School after the closing. 

Around 1965, consolidation took place and pupils were bused to Trinidad District #1.

North Starkville District #53 – some of the teachers:  Alice Lincoln - Principal; Edith Northrop; Lola Maes; Alice Maes – Principal ; Harry Bostick, Hazel Longhery (or Loughery)  - Principal; Mary Wilson, Mary Ruvolo; Amy Skidmore, Lena Boccaccio; Ann Carlson; Marguerite Randack (Rardack); Pete Shannon; Dan Archuleta; Avade Lujan – Principal; Stella Jaramillo; Mary Ann Gutierrez; Sylvia Mantella (Martella); and a Mrs. Romero.

Some Central Teachers: Ed Kane – Principal; Mae McLaughlin; a Mrs. Prosser; Luella Johnson – Principal; Frances Boyle; a Miss Kelstrom; Louise Wicker; Carolyn Simpleman – Principal; Isabel Horsman; Hazel Loughery – Principal; Mary Falagrady; Ann Carlson; Anthony LaPenna;  Dominic Mollica; Larry Sebber; Sally Reeves; Dolores Romero; Agnes Larsen.

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