Las Animas County, Colorado
Pension Roll

Taken from the Chronicle-News, Trinidad, Colorado, Feb. 24, 1938.

In accordance with Sec. 21, Chapter 201, 1937 Session Laws of Colorado, the following is a list of persons who have received Old Age Pension from the Las Animas County Department of Public Welfare during the period from September 1, 1937 to February 28, 1938. LAS ANIMAS COUNTY WELFARE BOARD. I.B. Rogers, Chairman; George H. Lake, Secretary.
Contributed by Edith Todd

VALDEZ, Antonio Trinidad, Colo.

VALDEZ, Beatrice Hoopup, Colo.

VALDEZ, Bidal J. Trinidad, Colo.

VALDEZ, Encarnacion Starkville, Colo.

VALDEZ, Juanita Trinidad, Colo.

VALDEZ, Procopio Trinidad, Colo.

VALDEZ, Valentina O. Trinidad, Colo.

VALDEZ, Vidalia S. Hoehne, Colo.

VANELLA, Maria Aguilar, Colo.

VANELLA, NIck Aguilar, Colo.

VANHOOK, John C. Kim, Colo.

VANHOOK, Miantha Eliz. Kim, Colo.

VARGAS, Jesus Maria Morley, Colo.

VASQUEZ, Antonio Trinidad, Colo.

VASQUEZ, Antonio M. Hoopup, Colo.

VASQUEZ, Nabor Trinidad, Colo.

VASQUEZ, Nicholas Trinidad, Colo.

VECELLIO, Antonio Sopris, Colo.

VELARDE, Jose Rafael Troy, Colo.

VELASQUEZ, Jose Diego Weston, Colo.

VELASQUEZ, Vicenta T. Weston, Colo.

VIALPANDO, Josefita B. Weston, Colo.

VIALPANDO, Juan M. Weston, Colo.

VICENZI, Antonio Aguilar, Colo.

VICENZI, John Trinidad, Colo.

VIGIL, Abundo Gulnare, Colo.

VIGIL, Ascencion Jansen, Colo.

VIGIL, Barbarita Trinidad, Colo.

VIGIL, Cesario Gulnare, Colo.

VIGIL, Cristobal Trinidad, Colo.

VIGIL, Eduvigen Gulnare, Colo.

VIGIL, Encarnacion Aguilar, Colo.

VIGIL, Fernanda Cokedale, Colo.

VIGIL, Hilario Aguilar, Colo.

VIGIL, J.R. Weston, Colo.

VIGIL, Jose Loreto Trinidad, Colo.

VIGIL, Jose Rosario Aguilar, Colo.

VIGIL, Louis Aguilar, Colo.

VIGIL, Manuel Bon Carbon, Colo.

VIGIL, Manuelita Aguilar, Colo.

VIGIL, Manuelita T. Cokedale, Colo.

VIGIL, Maria Adeline Sopris, Colo.

VIGIL, Maria Concension Bon Carbon, Colo.

VIGIL, Maria de la Cruz Trinidad, Colo.

VIGIL, Maria Doloritos Trinidad, Colo.

VIGIL, Maria Facunda Tercio, Colo.

VIGIL, Maria Francisca Gulnare, Colo.

VIGIL, Maria Manuela Gulnare, Colo.

VIGIL, Moises Trinchera, Colo.

VIGIL, Pablita Trinidad, Colo.

VIGIL, Pedro A. Jansen, Colo.

VIGIL, Pete M. Jansen, Colo.

VIGIL, Rafael Aguilar, Colo.

VIGIL, Reymunda Jansen, Colo.

VIGIL, Romalda T. Aguilar, Colo.

VIGIL, Stella Trinidad, Colo.

VIGIL, Telesforo Gulnare, Colo.

VOLPE, Concezio Sopris, Colo.

WADE, McCormick M. Sopris, Colo.

WAKEFIELD, Annie Trinidad, Colo.

WALDROUP, Robert F. Trinidad, Colo.

WALDROUP, William T. Branson, Colo.

WALKER, Willa T. Aguilar, Colo.

WALSH, Hugh Trinidad, Colo.

WARD, Fannie Trinidad, Colo.

WARD, William E. Trinidad, Colo.

WARE, Josefita Aguilar, Colo.

WATERS, Charlie D. Kim, Colo.

WATSON, A.T. Villegreen, Colo.

WEGHER, Battista Trinidad, Colo.

WEST, Jack Tobe, Colo.

WHEELER, Jess Hoopup, Colo.

WHITE, Charles H. Trinidad, Colo.

WHITESIDES, John L. Trinidad, Colo.

WHITFIELD, Mary Trinidad, Colo.

WIGHTMAN, H.J. Trinidad, Colo.

WILCOX, Elizabeth Starkville, Colo.

WILES, Fannie Aguilar, Colo.

WILLIAMS, Elizabeth Trinidad, Colo.

WILLIAMS, Gwilym Trinidad, Colo.

WILLIAMS, John S. Trinidad, Colo.

WILLIAMS, Marion D. Trinidad, Colo.

WILLIAMS, Orpha L. Trinidad, Colo.

WILLIAMS, Rebecca B. Trinidad, Colo.

WILLIAMS, Samuel P. Trinidad, Colo.

WILSON, John Kell Ninaview, Colo.

WILSON, Margaret Trinidad, Colo.

WILSON, Maria Antonio Trinidad, Colo.

WIMSTEAD, Elizabeth Aguilar, Colo.

WOOD, Ben Trinidad, Colo.

WOODRUFF, Ellen, Brodhead, Colo.

WOODSON, James, Trinidad, Colo.

WOODWARD, Siddie A., Trinidad, Colo.

WRIGHT, William M., Hoopup, Colo.

WYATT, Mary E., Thatcher, Colo.

YARA, Ramon, Trinidad, Colo.

YAVELLI, Constanza, Starkville, Colo.

YAVELLI, Jim, Starkville, Colo.

YERXON, Susan May, Villegreen, Colo.

YORK, Sally W., Trinidad, Colo.

YOUNG, Emma, Trinidad, Colo.

YOUREE, Walter H., Trinidad, Colo.

ZAMORA, Jose Ramon, Starkville, Colo.

ZAMORA, Juana, Trinidad, Colo.

ZAMORA, Marie Juanita, Starkville, Colo.

ZANOTELLI, Oliver, Trinidad, Colo.

ZANOTELLI, Tom, Sopris, Colo.

ZUECH, Mary, Trinidad, Colo.

ZUVANICH, Domenica, Trinidad, Colo.

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