Las Animas County, Colorado
1870 Census Index

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NamePage #Dist., Precinct, TWP
Abair, Jose10Trinidad Territory
Abair, Ma Catalina10Trinidad Territory
Abate, Jose Agapto26Trinidad Territory
Abate, Maria T.441Purgatory River Valley
Abato, Maria29Trinidad Territory
Abatton, Jose Perfecto26Trinidad Territory
Abayto, Juanita26Trinidad Territor
Abayto, Isidore8515th Precinct
Abeyita, Chareles29Trinidad Territory
Abeyta, Gabriel13110th Precinct
Abeyta, Gabriel412Purgatory River Valley
Abeyta, Bentura427Purgatory River Valley
Abeyta, Fernando Ysea427Purgatory River Valley
Abeyta, Francisco427Purgatory River Valley
Abeyta, Jesus Maria427Purgatory River Valley
Abeyta, Jose Bibian427Purgatory River Valley
Abeyta, Jose Teodocio427Purgatory River Valley
Abeyta, Juan427Purgatory River Valley
Abeyta, Juana427Purgatory River Valley
Abeyta, Francisco431Purgatory River Valley
Abeyta, Juan Jose431Purgatory River Valley
Abeyta, Jose Agapito439Purgatory River Valley
Abeyta, Jose Perfecto439Purgatory River Valley
Abeyta, Juan Angel439Purgatory River Valley
Abeyta, Leonardo427Purgatory River Valley
Abeyta, Carmel448Trinidad Territory
Abeyta, Jose Leonardo427Purgatory River Valley
Abeyta, Lorenzo427Purgatory River Valley
Abeyta, Manuel424Purgatory River Valley
Abeyta, Marcas448Trinidad Territory
Abeyta, Maria Abina439Purgatory River Valley
Abeyta, Maria Concepcian427Purgatory River Valley
Abeyta, Maria Dionicia427Purgatory River Valley
Abeyta, Maria Ellena427Purgatory River Valley
Abeyta, Maria Jacoba427Purgatory River Valley
Abeyta, Maria Manuela427Purgatory River Valley
Abeyta, Maria Petra427Purgatory River Valley
Abeyta, Maria Trinidad427Purgatory River Valley
Abeyta, Pablo437Purgatory River Valley
Abeyta, Pedro Antonio427Purgatory River Valley
Abeytia, Boquine410Purgatory River Valley
Abeytia, Jose Maria410Purgatory River Valley
Abeytia, Jose Miguel455Abiquiu
Abeytia, Manuel410Purgatory River Valley
Abeytia, Maria Simona410Purgatory River Valley
Abeytia, Rufugio445Trinidad Territory
Abeytia, Jose447Trinidad Territory
Abeytia, Jose D.447Trinidad Territory
Abeytia, Maria Catalina447Trinidad Territory
Abeyto, Jose Antonio442Purgatory River Valley
Abila, Abelino402Apishapa River Valley
Abila, Antonio N.402Purgatory River Valley
Abila, Donaciano420Purgatory River Valley
Abila, Ferminia402Apishapa River Valley
Abila, Fernanco420Purgatory River Valley
Abila, Fernando29Trinidad Territory
Abila, Guadalupe32Trinidad Territory
Abila, Guadalupe421Purgatory River Valley
Abila, Jose Maria420Purgatory River Valley
Abila, M. Del Carmel29Trinidad Territory
Abila, M. Rosalia29Trinidad Territory
Abila, M. Soliedad29Trinidad Territory
Abila, Maria Del Carmel420Purgatory River Valley
Abila, Maria P.420Purgatory River Valley
Abila, Maria Solidad420Purgatory River Valley
Abila, Maria Trinidad402Apishapa River Valley
Abila, Maria Virginia17Trinidad Territory
Abila, Maria Virginia420Purgatory River Valley
Abila, Nalito17Trinidad Territory
Abila, Pedro17Trinidad Territory
Abila, Pedro402Apishapa River Valley
Abila, Politio420Purgatory River Valley
Abila, Rafael17Trinidad Territory
Abila, Rafael412Purgatory River Valley
Abilen, Dormacion30Trinidad Territory
Abutton, Charles31Trinidad Territory
Ackly, Burt1Trinidad Territory
Ackly, Burt443Trinidad Territory
Adams, Hatty446Trinidad Territory
Adams, Joseph8Trinidad Territory
Adams, Joseph446Trinidad
Adams, Katy8Trinidad
Adams, Thomas40Trinidad
Adams, Alexander8Trinidad
Adams, Alexander446Trinidad
Adams, Cecelia8Trinidad Territory
Adams, Cecelia446Trinidad
Adamson, Nichcolas8Trinidad Territory
Adamson, Nichcolas446Trinidad
Adamson, William8Trinidad Territory
Adamson, William446Trinidad
Adamson, William Jr.446Trinidad
Adonis, Thomas425Purgatory River Valley
Aguero, Ascencion437Purgatory River Valley
Aguero, Bignina437Purgatory River Valley
Aguero, Casmi437Purgatory River Valley
Aguero, Damaso437Purgatory River Valley
Aguero, Juana437Purgatory River Valley
Aguers, Agapita22Trinidad
Aguers, Ancencion22Trinidad
Aguers, Beninna22Trinidad
Aguers, Carme22Trinidad
Aguers, Domaso22Trinidad
Aguers, Juana22Trinidad
Aguers, Pedro22Trinidad
Aguilar, Bendito406Purgatory River Valley
Aguilar, Jose Leandro397Apishapa River Valley
Aguilar, Jose Linndro16Trinidad
Aguilar, Jose MA16Trinidad
Aguilar, Jose Maria397Apishapa River Valley
Aguilar, Jose Ramon16Trinidad
Aguilar, Jose Ramon397Apishapa River Valley
Aguin, Jose16Trinidad
Aguin, MA Fernada16Trinidad
Aguin, Ysidra16Trinidad
Allen, John11Trinidad
Allen, John399Apishapa River Valley
Allen, Martin13Trinidad
Allen, Martin399Apishapa River Valley
Allen, Nancy417Purgatory River Valley
Allen, Nancy23Trinidad Territory
Alverez, Giullermia6Trinidad
Alverez, Jose Antonio6Trinidad
Alverez, Jose Ysabel26Trinidad Territory
Alverez, M. Rita26Trinidad Territory
Alverez, MA Celestina6Trinidad
Alverez, MA Dolores6Trinidad
Alvia, Antonio26Trinidad Territory
Alvia, Jose Ines7Trinidad Territory
Alvia, Jose Ines407Purgatory River Valley
Alvia, MA Jesus409Purgatory River Valley
Amelia, Cacicna24Trinidad Territory
Amalla, Antonio422Purgatory River Valley
Amalla, Ansencion422Purgatory River Valley
Amalla, Gertrudes435Purgatory River Valley
Amalla, Guadalupe422Purgatory River Valley
Amalla, Jesus418Purgatory River Valley
Amalla, Juana435Purgatory River Valley
Amalla, Maria Juana418Purgatory River Valley
Amalla, Rebla435Purgatory River Valley
Analluz, Antonio34Trinidad
Anaya, Antonia10Trinidad
Anaya, Antonia398Apishapa River Valley
Angela, MA Yuis10Trinidad Territory
Angilia, Maria Ynes415Purgatory River Valley
Anley, James12Trinidad Territory
Antensio, Julian19Trinidad Territory
Antensio, Luciano19Trinidad Territory
Antensio, Ma Catherine19Trinidad Territory
Antensio, Santana19Trinidad Territory
Apadoca, Aleanio23Trinidad
Apadoca, Anastacio23Trinidad
Apadoca, Antonio23Trinidad
Apadoca, Benito23Trinidad
Apadoca, Carolina23Trinidad
Apadoca, David23Trinidad
Apadoca, Elfigo23Trinidad
Apadoca, Felicina23Trinidad
Apadoca, Henriques23Trinidad
Apadoca, Joe Orculeus23Trinidad
Apadoca, Jose Goris23Trinidad
Apadoca, Juan23Trinidad
Apadoca, Juan Ma23Trinidad
Apadoca, Lenora23Trinidad
Apadoca, Ma Delaluz23Trinidad
Apadoca, Ma Dolores23Trinidad
Apadoca, Ma Lenora23Trinidad
Apadoca, Ma Rita23Trinidad
Apadoca, Marcelino23Trinidad
Apadoca, Perfina23Trinidad
Apadoca, Rafrilita23Trinidad
Apadoca, Tivercia23Trinidad
Apina, Daniel6Trinidad
Apina, Daniel429Purgatory River Valley
Apina, MA Jesus6Trinidad
Apina, Macedonia6Trinidad
Apina, Macedonia429Purgatory River Valley
Apina, Maria Jesus429Purgatory River Valley
Apina, Maria Pilar429Purgatory River Valley
Apina, Soletos429Purgatory River Valley
Apina, Soleties6Trinidad
Apodaca, Aleano405Apishapa River Valley
Apodaca, Anastacio412Purgatory River Valley
Apodaca, Antonio400Apishapa River Valley
Apodaca, Antonio404Apishapa River Valley
Apodaca, Benito404Apishapa River Valley
Apodaca, Carolina405Apishapa River Valley
Apodaca, David404Apishapa River Valley
Apodaca, David400Apishapa River Valley
Apodaca, Diego15Apishapa River Valley
Apodaca, Elfigo405Apishapa River Valley
Apodaca, Feliciana405Apishapa River Valley
Apodaca, Gregorio419Purgatory River Valley
Apodaca, Henriques405Apishapa River Valley
Apodaca, Jose Alcoria401Apishapa River Valley
Apodaca, Jose Allerid15Trinidad
Apodaca, Jose Orculano419Purgatory River Valley
Apodaca, Juan425Purgatory River Valley
Apodaca, Juan405Apishapa River Valley
Apodaca, Juan Catalina400Apishapa River Valley
Apodaca, Juan Cristobal14Trinidad
Apodaca, Juan Cristobal400Apishapa River Valley
Apodaca, Juan Maria412Purgatory River Valley
Apodaca, Juana400Apishapa River Valley
Apodaca, Luis404Apishapa River Valley
Apodaca, Ma Delacruz14Trinidad
Apodaca, Ma Delsveria15Trinidad
Apodaca, Ma Gregenia14Trinidad
Apodaca, Marcelino404Apishapa River Valley
Apodaca, Maria Alvina400Apishapa River Valley
Apodaca, Maria De La Cruz400Apishapa River Valley
Apodaca, Maria De La Cruz405Apishapa River Valley
Apodaca, Maria De La Sveora401Apishapa River Valley
Apodaca, Maria Dolores419Purgatory River Valley
Apodaca, Maria Gregoria400Apishapa River Valley
Apodaca, Maria Leanora404Apishapa River Valley
Apodaca, Maria Placiad400Apishapa River Valley
Apodaca, Maria Rita400Apishapa River Valley
Apadoca, Maria Rita404Apishapa River Valley
Apadoca, Mauricio400Apishapa River Valley
Apadoca, Nestor400Apishapa River Valley
Apadoca, Pedro Antonio400Apishapa River Valley
Apadoca, Perfiria412Purgatory River Valley
Apadoca, Rafalito404Apishapa River Valley
Apadoca, Romancita400Apishapa River Valley
Apadoca, Santos14Trinidad
Apadoca, Santos400Trinidad
Apadoca, Sefenino15Trinidad
Apadoca, Sefenino401Apishapa River Valley
Apadoca, Tivercia404Apishapa River Valley
Apadoca, Ysadora400Apishapa River Valley
Apodaco, David14Trinidad
Apodaco, Isadora14Trinidad
Apodaco, Juan Catalina14Trinidad
Apodaco, Ma Alrina14Trinidad
Apodaco, Ma Rita14Trinidad
Apodaco, Mundo14Trinidad
Apodaco, Pedro Antonio14Trinidad
Apodaco, Romancita14Trinidad
Aquera, Benistito1Trinidad Territory
Aragen, Jose Eregenio16Trinidad Territory
Aragen, Trevacia16Trinidad Territory
Aragon, Anamaria32Trinidad Territory
Aragon, Cacimiro421Purgatory River Valley
Aragon, Candelario433Purgatory River Valley
Aragon, Candelario14Trinidad
Aragon, Carmel14Purgatory River Valley
Aragon, Carmel440Purgatory River Valley
Aragon, Eduvigen433Purgatory River Valley

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