Las Animas County, Colorado

Kreeger, Louis Michael (1848 – 1913)

Louis lived in Trinidad since 1848 and served as sheriff for 30 years. He and his wife Julianita and family lived in the Trinidad Jail House Quarters. Kreeger devoted more than thirty years of service to Las Animas County and the city of Trinidad.

The office of city marshal had changed from appointive to elective in 1882.

It was during this time that famed gunfighter Bat Masterson was appointed city marshal in an attempt to stop the murderous gunfights in Trinidad. However, Bat’s appointment had no effect on the shoot-outs. In 1883, Bat ran for reelection, rather than gain reappointment and lost in a landslide to Lou Kreeger. Kreeger’s long years of service are an obvious testament to his ability as a peace officer.

He is buried in Lot 117, Section 4 of Trinidad Catholic Cemetery.

From "From the Grave, A Roadside Guide to Colorado's Pioneer Cemeteries," by Linda Wommack, published by Caxton Press, Caldwell, Idaho in 1998

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