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One of the main industries in Huerfano County was the coal mines. Men from all over the world came to Huerfano County to work, and sometimes die, in the mines. In 1884 Colorado passed legislation that all mine accidents must be reported, hence this list of Huerfano County mining fatalities. Although there are 560 mining fatalities listed here, there were many more that were not reported to the state.
The following table gives the name, date of death, age, nationality, marital status, surviving children, mine name, and cause of death.

Saccoci, Joe2-10-192132ItalianM1Kebler #1Fall of rock
Said, Nicanor11-14-192125MexicanS-Estella MaeFall of rock
Salas, Albert6-25-192118MexicanS-CameronCrushed between car & rib
Salvati, Sosio7-20-192237ItalianS-OakdaleFall of rock
Sanda, John7-191147M4AllianceFall of rock
Sandor, Louis7-16-191941HungarianM4CameronFall of rock
Saneff, Nick10-5-191527BulgarianM1OakdaleFall of top car & bone
Sanich, George1-9-192844AustrianM4Robinson #2Electrocuted
Santi, Geovanni3-22-1895----RouseFall of rock
Santi, Jim12-31-192545ItalianM5Robinson #2Fall of roof
Santillanes, Mike11-23-1942----Butte ValleyGas Explosion
Sarach, Tony1-26-191527AustrianS-RavenwoodFall of rock
Sarmora, Martin2-8-190926MexicanM2PryorFall of rock
Sassatelli, Etar7-13-191735ItalianS-LomaFall of rock
Sassatelli, Guiseppi2-8-191245ItalianM5RobinsonFall of rock
Schenkier, Walter1-12-192327AmericanM1LesterStruck by trip of loaded cars
Scheuman, William2-11-1893----KingScalded by steam from busted pipe
Schmidt, John1-5-1886----WalsenFall of rock
Scholes, Edward W.6-23-1939----Calumet #2Fall of rock
Schooler, O.S.11-27-192626AmericanS-BarbourFall of rock
Schultz, Steve12-2-191830PoleS-JobalFall of rock
Sebed, John7-19-1911-PoleM3RelianceFall of rock
Shaw, Jabe9-23-192257AmericanM4ToltecFall of rock
Shaw, Lawrence5-8-193537AmericanM0Robinson #4Overexertion of polluted air
Shepherd, Charles K.2-27-192740AmericanM2PacificDrilled into missed shot
Shubal, Pete4-13-190330SlavM-WalsenFall of roof
Shullin, Fred10-4-192027AustrianS-Cuchara CanonFall of rock
Sirger, John6-15-191752PoleS-PryorFall of rock
Skryznear, Frank10-22-1946----Butte ValleyRoof fall
Smales, George6-22-190017American--ToltecFall of slate
Smelomitch, John2-15-190523AustrianM-RobinsonElectrocuted by wire
Smith, Frank5-24-191024AustrianS-RugbyFall of rock
Smith, George2-25-191328ColoredS-LesterFall of rock
Smith, John10-25-191259LithuanianM6CameronFall of rock
Smith, Joseph6-21-1901-Austrian--RouseFall of rock
Smolski, Stanley5-2-191545RussianM5MutualSuffocated from gas explosion
Sneddon, Andrew1-3-191316ScotchS-RelianceFall of coal
Sneddon, William1-3-191355ScotchM2RelianceFall of coal
Soltis, John8-18-191928SlavM2OakdaleExplosion of gas due to defective lamp
Soria, Guadaloupe6-8-192327----Fall of rock
Spagnoli, Dominick11-26-193459ItalianM0Spanish PeakFall of rock
Spiros, John6-21-192028GreekM1RugbyFall of rock
Spock, Mike5-2-191528SlavS-MutualSuffocated from gas explosion
Sporakis, Mike11-2-191423GreekS-WalsenFall of rock
Stambelos, Angelo12-17-192430GreekS-OakdaleFall of coal
Stamos, Harry9-27-191531GreekS-WalsenFall of rock
Stebba, David7-8-189945GermanM-PictouFall of rock
Stefanini, Mario1-13-191724ItalianS-RouseFall of rock
Stemberger, Jack6-19-192530AustrianM0GordonExplosion of fire damp
Stephens, Oscar8-31-1898----WalsenFall of rock
Stewart, Robert10-7-192758ScotchM0RavenwoodKilled by runaway trip
Strombaugh, C.1-16-191160EnglishM3RobinsonFall of rock
Styduhar, Martin10-15-1938----Calumet #2Fall of slate
Styduhar, Tony12-12-1941----Robinson #4Heart
Sudor, Sam11-19-191423SlavM-RugbyFall of rock
Sumsky, Tom4-11-191136SlavM4PryorFall of rock
Suppan, Valentino10-24-191848AustrianW1GordonRunaway trip
Swallow, George12-15-1910-SlavM-Big FourStruck by runaway car
Swan , Virgil12-14-191628AmericanS-OakdaleCrushed between cars
Szarnos, John8-9-191122SlavS-IdealFall of rock
Tais, Battista10-14-191225ItalianS-CaddellFall of rock
Takaki, George11-17-191145JapaneseW1HuerfanoFall of rock
Talmich, Joe A.2-14-1944----Kebler #2Haulage
Tamasi, Mike1-16-191535ItalianS-OakdaleFall of top coal
Tambics, George7-6-190419Slav--RouseFall of rock
Taylor, Henry8-26-192453BlackW1Robinson #2Fall of rock
Taylor, Jason8-22-1899----PictouFall of rock
Taylor, Thomas6-20-190145AmericanM8Pictou #1Fall of rock
Taylor, Thomas8-22-1899----PictouFall of rock
Templeman,Thomas5-29-193452AmericanM3Robinson #4Fall of rock
Tennant, Hugh1-16-1897---SunshineSlab of coal fell
Tepovac, Radi5-28-192645ServianS-Robinson #2Fall of rock
Thomas, Claude2-25-1938----RavenwoodFall of coal
Thomas, Henry12-27-190230ColoredM-PictouExplosion from blown out shot
Thomas, Joseph4-4-190122ColoredS-WalsenFall of rock
Thomas, Leroy11-22-192020ColoredS-MaitlandCrushed between car & prop
Thorp, Alex3-26-192760AmericanM0LesterFall of pot rock
Tierney, John2-15-191054EnglishM5Big FourFall of rock
Tinoco, Daniel1-15-193127MexicanM1Kebler #2Killed by a rope trip
Titters, John2-19-190626AmericanS-MaitlandGas explosion
Tomsic, Frank L.1-8-1945----Robinson #4Roof fell
Toneatti, Luis3-16-192343ItalianM3CameronFall of rock
Tonnelli, Umberto10-10-193558ItalianM1Spanish Peak #2Fall of rock
Tonoris, James3-2-191621MexicanM0OakdaleCrushed by first car of slope train
Torres, Jesus5-2-191934MexicanM1WalsenContact with electric trolley wire
Tortoriel, Guiseppe11-10-1897----Rouse #3Crushed by car
Treasure, Arthur12-20-1943----Calumet #2Haulage
Trujillo, Jesus5-5-1902-Mexican--HezronFall of rock
Trujillo, Phillippo5-28-191244MexicanM7PictouRun over by trip of cars
Trujillo, Vincent3-5-191546MexicanM8LomaFall of rock
Turner, John10-24-1893----RobinsonHill of shot catching him
Tyson, William James12-28-1941----PryorRoof fall
Uberti, Louis1-31-192227-S-OakdaleFall of rock
Uchigama, M.6-3-190946JapaneseM5CameronCrushed under derailed cars

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