Huerfano County, Colorado
Obituary Index Cards

Contributed by Dick Chenault, Louise Adams and Karen Mitchell, in conjunction with the Spanish Peaks Library District.
The Spanish Peaks Library has kept an index card of every obituary found in the Huerfano County newspapers. This listing is a duplicate of those cards. Through the years some cards may have disappeared, but the index is as complete as can be made possible. If you know of any other obituaries that are not listed here please contact Karen Mitchell or Louise Adams with the listing.

Our profound THANKS for the immense cooperation of the Spanish Peaks Library staff and especially Monica Kirby, Library Director, in this project. We also thank the original creators of the cards, Dan and Dorothy Ree, and the many volunteers who worked so many long hours to create and maintain the cards.
These obituaries may be ordered directly from the Spanish Peaks Library District, Walsenburg, CO. 81019 by remitting $3.00 "per obituary". The library website can also be found at Spanish Peaks Library District.
PLEASE NOTE: Many of these obituaries appear on our Tri-County Obituaries pages. If you have obituaries of your ancestral families, please consider contributing them to our Tri-County Obituary project.

These cards transcribed by Louise Adams, proofed by Karen Mitchell.
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NameDeath DatePaper Date PageNotes
Uchiyama, N.6/9/1909WW 6/10/1909 1Japanese miner
Udovich, John7/27/1911WI 8/5/1911 1Pictou, b Tan Rudosfar, Austria
Ugolini, Anna11/26/1987HW 12/3/1987 2
Ugolini, George11/9/1977HW 11/17/1977 2b 7/9/1907
Ugolini, Hannah1/29/1955WI 1/31/1955 1b Austria
Ugolini, Joe8/30/1928WI 8/31/1928 1Rouse, d Pueblo
Ugolini, John1/25/1932WI 1/29/1932 1
Ugolini, John1/14/1962HW 1/18/1962 4BToltec
Ugolini, John Gerald4/22/1972HW 4/27/1972 1b 12/13/1926
Ugolini, Josephine Dorothy7/9/1963HW 7/11/1963 6
Ugolini, Margaret11/22/1938WI 11/23/1938 8
Ugolini, Minnie F.11/3/2000HW 11/9/2000 2Walsenburg, age 97, b 8/18/1903 Canon City
Ugolini, Thomas6/7/1956WI 6/7/1956 1&8
Ugolini, William10/14/1943WI 10/15/1943 1
Uhl, Hugh Franklin10/2/1963HW 10/3/1963 6
Ulery, Bill12/8/1952WI 12/8/1952 1 WI 12/9/1952 8
Ulibarri, Donna11/3/1932WI 11/4/1932 1
Ulibarri, Edward12/28/1994HW 1/5/1995 2b 5/27/1933
Ulibarri, Jesusita4/3/1955WI 4/4/1955 1b 5/16/1878 Gardner
Ulibarri, Mike7/1/1990HW 7/5/1990 2b 11/13/1927
Ulibarri, San Juan8/4/1941WI 8/5/1941 4Farisita
Ulsh, Henry Mathias7/12/1959HW 7/16/1959 6
Underhill, W. F.12/15/1931WI 12/18/1931 1Gardner
Underwood, Daniel Mrs.4/19/1901WW 4/25/1901 1La Veta
Underwood, James10/?/1947WI 10/27/1947 12
Underwood, James Benjamin4/6/1953WI 4/13/1953 8 La Veta
Underwood, Minnie Belle5/31/1906WW 6/1/1906 54 mo, dau of Frank Underwood
Underwood, Roneay Elizabeth10/9/1939WI 10/9/1939 4La Veta, b 7/27/1884
Unfug, Adolph A.12/13/1955WI 12/14/1955 1b 6/2/1893 Huerfano
Unfug, Adolph A. Sr.8/11/1937WI 8/11/1937 1
Unfug, Alice Margaret Arnold4/6/1961HW 4/6/1961 1 HW 4/13/1961 6Mrs. Adolph Unfug, Sr.
Unfug, August 1/?/1941WI 1/6/1941 4 WI 1/9/1941 1Son of Dora Unfug, CA
Unfug, August Theodore1/7/1924WI 1/8/1924 1d Pueblo Hospital
Unfug, Blanche12/6/1963HW 12/12/1963 6
Unfug, Charles O.6/27/1907WW 6/28/1907 1 *WW 7/2/1907b 7/3/1846 Bielefield, Westphalia, Prussia , *Obit
Unfug, Conrad Frederick William12/30/1931WI 1/1/1932 1Early pioneer, married to great-granddaughter of Daniel Boone
Unfug, Dan C.7/14/1979HW 7/20/1979 2b 6/21/1894
Unfug, Dora Mrs.1/?/1941WI 1/6/1941 4 WI 1/9/1941 1d CA, son-August Unfug
Unfug, Edwina D.4/16/1972HW 4/20/1972 3
Unfug, F. William5/5/1958WI 5/6/1958 1b 6/18/1888 Walsenburg
Unfug, Fern A.12/17/1963HW 12/19/1963 8
Unfug, Frederick A. H.2/4/1932WI 2/5/1932 1
Unfug, Frederick C. (Fritz)7/6/1962HW 7/12/1962 1
Unfug, Frederick H.2/20/1949WI 2/21/1949 1 WI 2/22/1949 1
Unfug, George A.7/31/1972HW 8/3/1972 3
Unfug, Kate Jeanette1/15/1924WI 1/18/1924 1 WI 1/22/1924 1d Los Angeles, CA
Unfug, Margaret2/15/1939WI 2/15/1939 8 WI 2/17/1939 8 WI 2/20/1939 1 Hollywood, CA
Unfug, William O.5/26/1926WI 5/28/1926 4d Ft. Worth, TX, former resident
Unfug, Zeralda Boone1/25/1918WW 1/25/1918 5 WI 2/1/1918 1stroke
Unger, Alice Joe Unfug8/25/2002HW 9/12/2002 2
Unger, Mary Ann11/13/1928WI 11/13/1928 1 WI 11/16/1928 1
Unger, Maude8/19/1938WI 8/22/1938 4b 1/3/1875 IN
Urban, Frances6/27/1965HW 7/1/1995 8[dates as shown]
Urban, Ignak "Ike"2/5/1972HW 2/10/1972 2b 7/31/1889 Yugoslavia
Urban, Paula1/24/1936WI 1/24/1936 1b 6/5/1902
Usnick, Ruth Arlene6/12/2002HW 6/20/2002 2b 3/27/1926 Roodhouse, IL
Ussel, Gabriel (Father)10/17/1909WW 10/21/1909 1 *WW 10/28/1909 WI 10/23/1909 1b 11/6/1831 Clermont, France, *longer obit and many items following
Utt, Ada Pearl4/30/1986HW 5/8/1986 2b 6/14/1900
Utt, Betty Loren6/12/2005HW 6/16/2005 6age 79, b 7/2/1925 Lincoln, KS
Utt, Milton G.12/4/1963HW 12/5/1963 1 La Veta
Utt, Wilma B.1/5/1973HW 1/11/1973 3La Veta

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