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NOTICE All data and photos on this website are Copyrighted by Karen Mitchell. Duplication of this data or photos is strictly forbidden without legal written permission by the Copyright holder. Civilian Conservation Corps Enrollment Index
by Gerald E. Sherard
Our utmost thanks to Gerald E. Sherard for extracting information from the Colorado CCC enrollment records at the Colorado State Archives. The index lists the CCC enrollee's last name, his birth date, and his assigned camp. Occasionally a container number and folder number may be given where additional information about an enrollee may be found in the CCC Collection.

Access to the Collection
In order to obtain access to the CCC Collection please contact the Colorado State Archives. We will be happy to provide you with additional information concerning this collection or others. We have search, handling, and copy fees. Please contact us in order to find out the charges for your request.

CCC Camp designations were as follows:
Designation = Agency (Land Ownership if not Agency)
BR = Bureau of Reclamation
BS = Biological Survey
CP = County Park
DG = Division of Grazing(Public Domain)
DF = U.S. Forest Service
DNP = National Park Service
DPE = U.S. Forest Service(Private Land)
DSP = National Park Service(Municipal Park)
F = U.S. Forest Service
G = Grazing Service
GLO = General Land Office
MA = National Park Service(Metropolitan Area Municipal Park)
NA = National Arboretum
NM = National Park Service(National Monument)
NP = National Park Service
P = Private Forest
PE = National Park Service
SCS = Soil Conservation Service(Private Land)
SP = National Park Service(State Park)

Name, Birth Date, Assigned Camp
Macias, Victor 9/22/22 F-59-C
Madle, Albert A 5/21/16 DG-2-C
Maes, Bennie J 4/8/18 F-33-C
Maes, Jake 11/10/16 DG-2-C
Maes, Jake 11/18/16 SCS-7-C
Maes, Julian 8/9/17 SCS-7-N
Maes, Lucas Genaro 9/19/19 SCS-10-C 30249 FF-14
Maes, Pat 6/30/23 G-139-C
Maes, Ray 1/8/22 G-181-C
Maes, Ray 1/8/22 SCS-6-C
Maes, Tom Viniberto 3/14/21 G-2-C
Maes, Tony 10/25/22 G-2-C
Maes, Vincent Lesher 8/3/23 F-60-C
Maestas, Louis 1/11/23 NP-4-C
Maldonado, Alex 1/5/23 G-2-C
Maldonado, Jose Bernard 8/14/21 DG-2-C
Maldonado, Jose Eloy 2/23/24 F-64-C
Manchego, Arthur Eugene 1/13/20 SCS-10-C
Manchego, Lee 1/31/23 F-64-C
Marck, Albert 3/18/19 NP-6-C
Marck, Albert 6/18/19 SCS-10-C
Marck, Albert A 3/18/19 F-33-C
Marck, Ernest 2/6/23 G-139-C
Marquez, Gilbert 1/28/24 SCS-12-C
Marquez, Reynaldo 3/10/22 NP-5-C
Marquez, Reynaldo 3/10/22 SCS-12-C
Marquez, Reynaldo 3/10/22 SCS-2-C
Marquez, Silvio 1/7/20 F-24-W
Marquez, Simon 12/8/17 SCS-7-N
Martinez, Abel Jr. 10/6/23 SCS-12-C
Martinez, Albert 7/7/23 F-59-C
Martinez, Albert 1/14/23 F-64-C
Martinez, Albert 7/23/23 G-139-C
Martinez, Amarante 5/23/21 GLO-1-W
Martinez, Anthony Pete 8/16/19 F-60-C
Martinez, Ben 4/23/20 BR-22-C
Martinez, Benedito 6/30/20 NP-1-C
Martinez, Cornelio F 3/30/20 DG-11-C
Martinez, Cornelio Floyd 3/16/19 NP-6-C
Martinez, Dan 1/3/21 F-60-C
Martinez, Dan J 10/13/18 SCS-1-C
Martinez, David 2/16/21 BR-22-C
Martinez, David 2/16/21 F-64-C
Martinez, Edward ca1908 F-38-W
Martinez, Edward 2/12/23 SCS-18-C
Martinez, Eloy Rosenaldo 2/4/20 NP-5-C
Martinez, Ernest 6/9/23 F-59-C
Martinez, Ernest 5/27/24 G-139-C
Martinez, Ernest 6/14/17 SCS-6-C
Martinez, Ernest 5/14/17 SCS-7-N
Martinez, Eusebio 12/16/21 BR-22-C
Martinez, Fermin 5/25/24 G-139-C
Martinez, Fred 4/3/17 NP-6-C
Martinez, Fredie 7/3/16 NP-5-C
Martinez, Garfield 5/19/20 G-2-C
Martinez, Gilbert 10/13/18 SCS-10-C
Martinez, Gilbert 8/19/24 SCS-9-C
Martinez, Henry 6/22/23 SCS-12-C
Martinez, Herman 10/5/23 F-64-C
Martinez, Jasper Jr. 8/2/24 SCS-9-C
Martinez, Jesus Seferino 7/29/14 SCS-6-C
Martinez, Joe 10/8/18 NP-6-C
Martinez, Joe Clarence 3/5/22 F-64-C
Martinez, Joe Noe ca1919 F-24-C
Martinez, Joe V 5/24/17 SCS-2-C
Martinez, John 10/4/21 BR-22-C
Martinez, John 3/9/18 SCS-10-N
Martinez, John Matt 2/6/22
Martinez, Johnny Matt 2/6/22 G-139-C
Martinez, Jose Baloy 2/1/20 DG-11-C
Martinez, Jose Baloy 2/1/20 F-65-C
Martinez, Jose Casiano 8/21/17 SCS-10-C
Martinez, Jose Filomeno 7/27/23 F-59-C
Martinez, Juan Dolores 3/2/22 NP-5-C
Martinez, Juan Manuel 7/21/18 G-2-C
Martinez, Juan Manuel 7/28/17 NP-6-C
Martinez, Lawrence 4/29/22 NP-5-C
Martinez, Leonard 12/10/18 NP-1-C
Martinez, Leonard 12/9/18 SCS-10-N
Martinez, Manuel ca1916 SCS-6-C
Martinez, Martin 2/24/11 NP-6-C
Martinez, Martinez(alias Tobia 5/25/20 F-33-C
Martinez, Miguel 7/22/21 NP-5-C
Martinez, Miguel 7/22/22 SCS-2-C
Martinez, Moses E 4/16/17 F-33-C
Martinez, Nabor 10/3/22 G-139-C
Martinez, Nabor 10/2/22 NP-4-C
Martinez, Noe 7/10/21 GLO-1-W
Martinez, Onisino 10/12/17 NP-6-C
Martinez, Peter 8/13/21 GLO-1-W
Martinez, Peter 8/13/21 SCS-10-C
Martinez, Raynaldo 6/22/20 F-49-C
Martinez, Raynaldo Eloy 8/15/21 F-64-C
Martinez, Reuben ca1917 NP-5-C
Martinez, Robert 11/9/21 SCS-10-C
Martinez, Robert 11/25/17 SCS-8-N
Martinez, Rosenaldo 12/31/21 F-59-C
Martinez, Rosenaldo Urban 12/31/20 NP-5-C
Martinez, Ruben 4/2/23 SCS-6-C
Martinez, Sabino 8/21/21 F-24-W
Martinez, Sabino 8/27/21 G-2-C
Martinez, Saladon 6/14/22 SCS-18-C
Martinez, Sam '1917 F-24-C
Martinez, Serafino 10/19/16 SCS-1-C
Martinez, Severino 2/21/22 SCS-1-C
Martinez, Si. 10/8/18 SCS-1-C
Martinez, Stanley 9/28/21 BR-22-C
Martinez, Stanley 9/28/21 F-59-C
Martinez, Stanley 9/28/21 G-139-C
Martinez, Stanley 9/28/21 SCS-18-C
Martinez, Steve Diego 11/13/23 NP-12-C
Martinez, Tobias 8/11/23 F-60-C
Martinez, Tobias(see Joe N.) 8/11/21 BR-22-C
Martinez, Toby Aurelio 8/16/22 G-139-C
Martinez, Tony 5/1/14 F-24-C
Martinez, Tony 1/1/24 SCS-9-C
Martinez, Tony John 6/5/19 SCS-1-C
Martinez, Virgil 6/6/21 SCS-10-C
Martinez, Virgil 6/17/18 SCS-10-N
Martucci, Frank NP-5-C
Mayers, Lee 1/7/16 SCS-6-C
McCracken, Keith S 11/6/20 F-33-C
McCracken, Max 5/4/16 NP-6-C
Mead, Hyrum A 7/22/20 F-59-C
Mead, Ramah 4/12/18 F-59-C
Medina, Abel 11/1/19 F-33-C
Medina, Anthony 9/23/23 SCS-2-C
Medina, Benjamin Guadalupe 3/15/17 SCS-10-C
Medina, Daniel 7/9/24
Medina, Dell ca1916 F-48-C
Medina, Dell 12/8/18 SCS-6-C
Medina, Ernest 5/4/22 F-64-C
Medina, Joe 10/25/12 F-59-C
Medina, Joe 9/10/17 F-55-C
Medina, Juan 2/28/12 SCS-8-N
Medina, Lee 2/21/15 SCS-6-C
Medina, Lorenzo 7/30/24 F-176-C
Medina, Lou 1/10/15 F-49-C
Medina, Louis 2/28/17 F-55-C
Medina, Manuel 2/2/19 F-33-C
Medina, Manuel 11/2/19 G-2-C
Medina, Mike H ca1909 SCS-7-C
Medina, Paul ca1916 F-48-C
Meehan, Cornelio 9/20/22 SCS-18-C
Meehan, Leodomiro 4/15/20 F-64-C
Mestas, Aaron 6/6/18 GLO-1-W
Mestas, Alfonso 11/25/23
Mestas, James 8/29/22
Mestas, Joe 9/10/15 NP-1-C
Mestas, John 6/19/20 F-64-C
Mestas, Pete 8/7/22
Miklaucic, Donald 8/7/22 F-64-C
Miklaucic, Donald 8/7/22 SCS-1-C
Miller, Raymond 8/31/21 F-64-C
Miller, Raymond W 7/29/19 F-51-C
Miller, Raymond W 7/29/19
Mimmovich, Donald 11/19/22 SCS-2-C
Mondragon, Pete 6/28/16 SCS-2-C
Montano, John ca1912 NP-6-C
Montano, Lido 5/3/19 F-64-C
Montoya, Alfonso 12/15/17 SCS-2-C
Montoya, Alfred 4/6/18 NP-6-C
Montoya, Alfred J 4/6/19 F-64-C
Montoya, Antonio Jose 8/18/17 DG-11-C
Montoya, Felix 8/9/19 F-49-C
Montoya, Frank 1/22/22 F-59-C
Montoya, Frank 1/22/22 G-2-C
Montoya, Max 10/16/14 F-33-C
Montoya, Thomas 12/1/22
Montoya, Tony ca1918 SCS-10-N
Mora, Dominga 6/17/17 SCS-10-N
Mora, Domingo 6/17/17 BR-22-C
Mora, Domingo 6/17/17 F-64-C
Morelli, August 11/9/23 SCS-2-C
Morelock, Harold E F-53-C
Morelock, Raymond A 5/2/19 F-60-C
Morgan, James G 9/1/19 SCS-6-C
Morgan, Jasper 4/5/17 F-55-C
Morgan, Lewis 7/16/19 F-59-C
Munden, Cecile Levi 6/14/20 NP-1-C
Myers, Frank J 4/13/19 F-55-C
Myers, Harold ca1914 DG-9-C
Myers, James ca1914 F-24-C
Nancy, Walter Lee 5/30/18 DG-11-C
Naranjo, Garfield 1/12/22 F-64-C
Naranjo, Gilbert 6/7/17 F-64-C
Nardini, Alex 9/6/17 F-59-C
Nedbal, Tony Jr. ca1915 SP-6-C
Negrionotte, Bruno 4/4/17 SCS-1-C
Nelson, Joe Warren 2/15/20 BR-22-C
Nelson, Joe Warren 2/15/20 SCS-10-C
Nelson, Roy ca1917 SCS-7-C
Nelson, Roy L 4/23/18 F-59-C
Nelson, Roy Lee 4/23/18 F-24-W
Nuanes, Paul 11/30/20 NP-5-C
Olguin, Alfonso 3/3/22 BR-22-C
Olguin, Alfonso 3/3/20 F-49-C
Olguin, Frank M 1/28/19 SCS-6-C
Olguin, Richard 1/10/20 BR-22-C
Olguin, William ca1916 DG-9-C
Olguin, William J 2/17/16 F-24-W
Opiol, John 4/6/18 F-55-C
Ortega, Floyd 12/17/19 F-60-C
Ortibez, Jake 1/4/19 F-33-C
Ortibez, Joe 1/7/20 F-33-C
Ortibez, Lee 3/6/21 SCS-18-C
Ortivez, Henry 1/8/17 SCS-10-N
Ortivez, Henry 1/7/17
Ortivez, Jose Jake 1/3/20 F-59-C
Ortivez, Jose Jake 1/3/20 NP-5-C
Ortivez, Juan Jacobo 11/17/22 SCS-6-C
Ortivez, Manuel 4/23/20 F-64-C
Ortivez, Manuel 4/23/18 SCS-8-C
Ortivez, Manuel A 4/23/20 F-59-C
Ortivez, Ray 6/1/22 SCS-12-C
Ortiz, Edward 9/5/20 SCS-1-C
Owens, Michard 7/1/16 Co. 812


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