Custer County, Colorado
Small Cemeteries

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Whittemore, S.A. died 6-30-1881 age 1y 7m 23d, daughter of G.W. & A.E. Whittemore, Gone but not forgotten - lone headstone on Hwy 96, left side of road going east, 8 miles east of Silver Cliffe.

Branson Family Cemetery- Branson, Robert born 10/23/1924 died 10/20/2004

Gorman Ranch Cemetery - Gorman, Harry born 3/24/1926 died 1/16/2009

Harris Family Ranch Cemetery - Harris, Harold born 8/19/1922 died 2/15/2006

Langston Ranch Cemetery - Langston, Leroy born 2/2/1938 died 2/8/2006

McGill Family Cemetery, rural Custer County. McGill, Elizabeth Nicole born 5-19-1988 Kansas City, Mo. died 7-11-1989 Texas Creek, CO. daughter of David and April Noland McGill.

These are on a tall obelisk at Lake San Isabel. From the San Isabel Lodge, looking across the highway. There were 2 other wooden headstones that were illegible and evidence of other graves within a formerly fenced area. Between a small white trailer and an outhouse on the left fork of the dead end road.
Campbell, J.D no dates
Campbell, Ellen died 6-9-1886

Private Burial Cemetery - Hill, Robert born 1/10/1930 died 6/5/2004

Private Burial Cemetery - Denny, Herman born 5/18/1929 died 9/12/2007


Arrigo, Vincent C. born 3-24-1917 died 7-6-1988

Graham, Vivian Vey born 10-15-1956 died 7-8-1988

Hopper, Archie born 8-24-1909 died 12-12-1989

Wheeler, Richard Allen born 1965 died 7-24-1988

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