Custer County, Colorado
Silver Cliff Cemetery

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Contributed by Karen Mitchell, Lacey and Ethan. Filmed in August 2006. If anyone has more information on this cemetery, can identify the unknown graves, or can add more data to the listing please contact Karen Mitchell .

?, Hugh born 11-?-1826 died 8-24-1890 born Tyrone County, Ireland

?, Minnie E. daughter of AH & M ?

Abell, child

Abell, Ethel

Abernathy, S.S. died 4-30-1880 age 8y

Aldrich, Chancey N. died 3-6-1887 age 57y 1m 2w

Ambrose, A. died 8/30/1904 age 73y 5m

Ambrose, Mary died 12-22-1879 age 32y

Arledge, Dolly M. died 3-14-1887 age 5y 3m 7d

Arnold, child of W.C. died 4-31-1891 age 3y 6m

Arnold, M.W. died 9-29-1892 age 37y

Atkinson, child of T.C. died 12-7-1909 age 1h

Anderson, R,H, died 9-17-1879 age 32y

Austin, Dewey R. born 1898 died 1961

Austin, Hattie B. died 8-18-1880 age 24y 7m

Austin, Irma L. born 1902 died 1989

Bachman, Silas died 6-29-1898

Baker, baby died 9-25-1888

Baker, Martha J. died 9-12-1880 age 1y 2m 13d, daughter of J.N. & E. J. Baker

Baker, Mary died 2-?-1897 age 5y

Balcom, Mary died 6-22-1882

Baldwin, Jessie Millington died 4-21-1882 age 9m 19d, son of B.F. & M.A. Baldwin

Ball, John E. born 1865 died 1934

Ball, Mary R. born 1868 died 4-5-1957 age 88y cerebral hemorhage

Barber, Mary E. born 10-13-1842 died 11-16-1895 age 53y 1m 3d, wife of Dr. I.W. Barber

Barber, Mary E.

Barclay, C.J. died 3-26-1880 age 26y

Barker, Marie V. born 6-26-1857 died 3/5/1916 wife of C.R. Barker

Barnhill, Pearl A. born 1879 died 1964 died 8-17-1964, age 85y, pulmonary embolism

Barnhill, Roger L. born 1906 died 1961 died 10-1-1961 age 55y, myocardial infarction, Masonic

Barnhill, Ruth L. born 1912 died 1997

Barry, child of B.V. died 2-23-1888 stillborn

Barton, W.P. child

Beardslee, Elmer A. born 8-14-1873 died 11-24-1879 only child of M.H. & M.E. Beardslee

Beardslee, M.H. born 6-20-1842 died 11-16-1887

Beck, Enoch A. born 1891 died 1959

Beck, Velma I. born 1904 died 1937

Becker, Elenor M. born 1-16-1842 died 3/23/1916 age 74y 2m 7d

Becker, Jerome born 11-12-1838 died 7/17/1919 age 81y

Bemen, Orrell Miss died 10-27-1912 age 83y 6m 25d

Benkert, Paul died 9-12-1883 age 35y

Bennett, infant died 5/17/1921 child of Arthur Bennett, died of smallpox

Benton, Mary Carolina died 12-30-1898 age 39y 5m

Birkle, Dora Catharine born 9-17-1878 died 3-20-1881

Birkle, Dora Catharine born 4-17-1850 died 9-20-1882

Bloomquist, Oliver died 10-22-1940 age 48y born Iowa

Boone, Thomas died 7-23-1890 age 26y

Bouman, Lisle died 9-12-1881 age 16m

Bourne, Douglas died 4-9-1880 age 6y

Bradford, Asa G. born 7-10-1886 died 4/15/1921

Bradford, baby born 6/1/1918 died 6/1/1918

Bradly, Harry died 11-4-1880

Brewer, Gayle died 5-11-1899 age 2y

Bridges, Isaac died 10-31-1882

Brinker, Anna G. died 7-26-1886 age 25y

Brittingham, William died 3-26-1892 age 43y

Bromberg, Lee died 9-7-1879 age 59y

Brooks, D.W.

Brown, George died 11-2-1893 age 19y

Brownlee, Gavin born 06/27/1843 died 07/02/1891

Burch, J.W. died 12-19-1879 age 30y

Byrne, George B. died 11/21/1936 Colorado Pvt 115 Engrs 40 Div

Cagwood, Henry died 9-16-1879 age 16y

Cameron, George M. born 1850 died 1880

Cameron, Thomas D. born 1879 died 1880

Cantrill, Glen Carl died 11-8-1890 age 3m 3d

Cantrill, W.W. Mrs. died 1-21-1901 age 60y

Carlson, D.E. died 9-17-1880 age 40y

Carter, John died 10-10-1884 age 18y

Casebeer, Vivian J. born 1-14-1897 died 5-1-1898

Casebeer, Vivian J.

Caughman, Seaburn born 9-3-1843 died 3-26-1897

Caughman, William A. born 7-24-1876 died 9-1-1896

Caynor, L.R. died 11-2-1888 age 14m

Chetelat, Katie died 11-15-1879 age 13y 11m 17d, daughter of G.C. & C. Chetelat

Clark, Henry J. died 11-22-1893 age 57y Co B 2nd Colo Cav

Clark, Liza died 2-21-1894 age 67y

Clark, Thaddeus died 9-10-1888 age 47y Sgt Co C 59th Ind Inf

Clark, Willie B. died 9-13-1880 age 15y 7m 3d, son of W.B. & H.E. Clark

Clark, Willie B.

Clark, Thomas died 4-20-? age 67y

Clemans, J.W. or F.W. died 11/28/1924 age 63y, dropsy

Cochran, E.H. Mrs. died 6-29-1922

Cochran, James N. died 2-12-1899 age 73y Sgt Co F 3rd Colo Cav

Colb, Peter died 1-24-1883 hung himself

Colburn, Amzy B. died 11-7-1909 age 52y 10m

Coleman, Bessie Martha born 1/1/1904 died 1/30/1998

Coleman, Betty Ruth born 2/25/1933 died 5/23/1933

Coleman, James Reed born 11-29-1862 died 11/29/1945

Coleman, Joshua Oaks born 8-3-1832 died 1/13/1916

Coleman, William O. born 1-11-1896 died 5/10/1982 Cpl US Army WWI

Coleman, William Oakes born 1-11-1896 died 5/10/1982

Colter, Robert died 9-13-1880 age 7m

Conradts, Sarah born 1858 died 1932 died 7-3-1932, age 74y, apoplexy

Conradts, William born 1841 died 1925 died 4-29-1925, age 83y, senility disease

Conradts, William Jr. born 1897 died 1943 died 12-3-1943, age 46y, pneumonia

Copeland, Derwin born 9/1/1918 died 6/10/2008

Cornell, Christopher R. born 1989 died 1989

Crabtree, A.E.

Crocker, Mary Francis died 3-5-1885 age 52y 2m 3d

Crocker, N. Appleton died 9-30-1880 age 21y 7m 7d

Crocker, S.G. Lieut Co B 20th Me Inf

Cromer, L.F. Mrs.

Crook, Rebecca born 1836 died 9-5-1910

Crowell, John D. died 3-3-1906 age 61y Co B 18th Mich Inf

Cowan, David died 1-16-1893 age 45y

Crebon, William Arthur died 2-4-? age 1y

Curbson, Charles

Currier, Lillian died 8-3-1884 age 7y 2m 27d

Cutler, Ann age 7m 11d

Davenport, WIlbur F. died 6-6-1900 age 57y

Davidson, Budd DeM. born 1880 died 1913

Davidson, child of S.S.

Davis, child died 7-18-1884 age 13m

Davis, Jenkin J. died 3-7-1897 age 39y

Davidson, Clara E. born 1860 died 6-14-1927

Davidson, Robert W. born 1857 died 12-21-1903 WOW

Davis, James A. died 4-7-1887 Co I 52nd Pa Inf

Davis, William R. born 1852 died 12-31-1908 consumption

Dawson, Louis L. died 3-31-1933 age 82y

Day, Hannah died 11-28-1879 age 27y

Dean, Thomas died 1-13-1883 age 73y

DeBord, Dema died 9-5-1888 age 3y 5d, daughter of M.& M. DeBord

Decker, Bertie M. died 12-9-1900 age 13y

Decker, H.W. died 7-16-1886 age 45y 6m 5d US Navy

Decker, Monroe Jr. born 6-30-1888 died 12/9/1900

Decker, Ruby Marz died 2-16-1912 age 3m pneumonia daughter of O.W. Decker

Decker, W.T. born 9-1-1833 died 12/4/1900

Devol, Cora Bell died 5-23-1889 age 9m 3d

Dickman, Lillie M. died 2-25-1915 age 6m 28d daughter of J.C.

Dickson, Alexander Franklin born 12-25-1873 died 6/21/1906 age 35y pneumonia WOW

Dickson, Emma died 1-11-1909 age 23y

Dieckmann, Henry H. born 1849 died 12-16-1945

Dieckmann, Wilhelmina born 1849 died 12-23-1921

Dirrim, infant twins children of Richard & Mary Alice Dirrim

Dirrim, Irven N. born 1881 died 1946 died 11-2-1946, age 64y 3m 16d, broncial pneumonia

Dirrim, Lundy born 1887 died 1960 died 9-19-1960, age 72y, bronchial pneumonia

Dirrim, Mary Alice born 1852 died 1908

Dirrim, Richard born 1842 died 1910

Donaldson, William A. died 5-24-1888 age 54y

Dorl, Frederick died 12-6-1887 age 53y

Doughty, John R. born 1838 died 1894 died 3-27-1894, consumption

Doughty, Nancy Ann born 1843 died 1903 maiden name Berry, died 3-3-1903, age 59y 8m 2d, dropsey

Douthit, M.A. age 62y

Doyle, Harlan P. born 1901 died 1973

Doyle, John Q. born 1847 died 1927

Doyle, Julia Ann born 1852 died 1912

Duenom, F. died 12-14-1910 age 73y

Duke, E.G. died 12-11-1883

Dunow, Ferdinand died 1908

Duren, Violet born 1907 died 2-9-1939

Duren, Zola Marie died 2-9-1939 baby

Eberling, Walter L. born 1931 died 1986

Eikleman stone

Eikleman, Amalia L. born 1870 died 1966

Eikleman, Henry J. born 1897 died 1932

Eikleman, Robert born 1857 died 1933

Eikleman, Rose Ann Our daughter

Elder, Andrew died 7-13-1880 age 9w

Elder, John died 11-30-1879 age 8y

Elliot, Logan died 4-20-1880 age 26y moved to Missouri

Ellis, S.B. died 8-8-1885

Emery, Frank

Emery, Gernie died 5-26-1880 age 16y

Erbing, Nancy Ann died 5-17-1883 age 2y

Erickson, Rudolph died 3-16-1921 age 80y

Estep, William died 1-29-1885 Co D 1st Mo Cav

Evans, Grace born 1889 died 3-15-1890

Evans, Roy T. born 1889 died 9-13-1889

Evans, Susannah born 1841 died 2-21-1889

Ewing, Frank died 10-31-1880 age 32y

Ewing, S.L. died 5-16-1883 age 19y 11m, killed in mine

Eyer, Bertie died 9-11-1897 age 8y

Eyer, 3 children of D.H.

Fairchild, E.

Fairchild, Ellen died 8-29-1891 age 43y 8m 8d

Fairchild, Ellen D. died 11-4-1890 age 1m

Fairchild, Hattie M. age 3w

Fairchild, J.T. Co A 58th Ind Inf

Fairchild, J. T. & Ellen stillborn twins

Fairchild, James A. died 1-21-1887 age 7w

Fairchild, James J. died 2-11-1905 age 62y

Fairchild, May

Fairchild, Mary died 11-28-1879 age 27y

Farrington, Thomas A. died 3-27-1887 age 65y Sgt Co K 9th Iowa Inf

Feigel, Mary died 8-15-1880 age 26y

Feigel, Wilson died 8-27-1880 age 9m 2d, son of William & Mary Feigel

Femeyor, Anthony born 8-28-1856 died 8-9-1880 born at St. Martens, Brown County, Ohio

Figge, Alice C. born 1907 died 1999

Figge, Bertha born 7-21-1878 died 7-16-1948

Figge, Ernest born 1901 died 12-31-1923

Figge, Harry J. born 1909 died 1995

Figge, John born 1872 died 6-5-1938

Figge, M. Bertha born 1878 died 1948

Fischer, Joseph born 7-30-1888 died 1-?-1959 age 70y

Fischer, Harry T. born 1885 died 1-19-1919 age 33y at Clay Pool, AZ

Fisher, W.A. died 11-21-1878

Fitzgerald, E. died 9-27-1879 age 5d

Fletcher, David died 4-18-1900 age 67y

Forehand, Bonita May born 1907 died 1971

Foss, Clara S. born 6-13-1873 died 7-9-1898 born Riverside, Wisconsin

Foss, John D. born 12-23-1817 died 7-27-1890

Foss, John D. born 12-23-1817 died 7-27-1890 born Strafford, New Hampshire

Foster, Georgianna born 1857 died 12-19-1911

Foster, G.W. died 4-11-1880 age 53y

Foster, James born 1848 died 12-20-1905

Foulk, Harry killed age 19y 6m 6d

Frank, Homer E. born 1919 died 1959

Frank, James born 11/6/1944 died 11/27/2008

Freeman, Hal E. born 10/13/1910 died 4/24/1982

Freeman, Lois W. born 7-30-1899 died 1/15/1974

French, Charles W. died 3-7-1880 age 5y

French, William died 12-7-1887 age 47y Co K 2nd Cal Cav

Fricke, Christian died 12-31-1900 age 72y heart failure Co D 45 Illinois Inf

Froetscher, Louis died 1916 age 83y

Fulk, Thomas died 5-22-1885 age 1d

Fulk, Mary died 11-21-1882

Furnish, Mary A. born 1853 died 1936

Furnish, W.S. born 1850 died 1923

Gardner, George F. died 3-12-1879 age 30y

Garrett, Charles died 8-31-1891 age 47y

Gaughman, S. Co A 1st Ark Cav

Gaughman, William A. born 1866 died 1895 can't read

Gaughman, William A.

Gerber, Fred died 10-30-1899 found frozen to death

Gershaw. George died 10-22-1883 killed by rafter falling on him at Hagan's ranch

Gilbert, Frankie died 9-9-1880 age 5y 4m 29d, son of C.& L. Gilbert

Giles, Clara E. died 4-16-1887 age 48y

Giles, ? died 12-8-1887 at Westcliff

Gillham, G.A. died 3-10-1880 age 37y Sgt Co D 4th Iowa Infantry

Given, Lea Lena born 1928 died 1981


Goodwin, Charles died 3/26/1900 age 61y, dropsy

Goodwin, I. Sr.

Graham, John E. born 1858 died 1936?

Graham, Melissa C. born 1861 died 2-26-1919

Graves, Caroline C. Hanssen born 1909 died 8-3-1940 age 31y 7m 1d

Graves, Elton Ernest born 1910 died 5-30-1952 age 41y coronary spasm

Graves, George C. born 1870 died 1935

Graves, Harriet R. born 1834 died 4-23-1906 age 72y 3m 23d

Green, Ray died 3-2-1897 age 65y 7m 28d

Griggs, Allen died 11-24-1885 age 37y

Grundman, Ida born 1894 died 1896

Grundman, William

Gunnels, Tammey died 6-28-1889 age 8d

Hagan, Eddie died 3-9-1883 age 5d

Hammond, John M. died 7-12-1880 age 30y

Hancock, William H. born 12-12-1849 died 4/22/1909

Hanssen, Emilie Augusta born 1866 died 8-26-1958

Hanssen, Herman W. born 2-22-1890 died 1-22-1899

Hanssen, Hinrich P. born 1857 died 1929

Hanssen, Mary died 4-30-1899 age 35y consumption

Hanssen, Otto H. born 10-4-1894 died 1-23-1899

Hanssen, Peter born 1857 died 2-17-1929

Hardin, Lydia B. born 1911 died 1983

Harlton, Joseph died 12-24-1902 age 62y found dead

Hart, child of Gus died 8-20-1887 age 1d

Hartley, infant died 12-?-1947 child of Ed Hartley

Haskell, Edwin J. born 1845 died 4-6-1920

Haskell, Mary Adeline born 1846 died 12-18-1928

Haskell, Maybelle E. born 1877 died 11-16-1953

Haskell, William R. born 1874 died 10-20-1938

Heck, C.M.

Hein, Peter died 7-29-1889 age 76y

Heinemann, Conrad King born 1-14-1873 died 11-2-1894 other record shows death as 1898, accidently shot

Heinemann, Leopold Andrew born 7-1-1835 died 6/22/1911 paralysis

Heinemann, Lucretia Clark born 1-3-1841 died 1/5/1916

Heister, E. died 11-13-1885 age 27y 11m died in Bull Domingo mine

Henderson, child of P. died 4-11-1883

Hendricks, child of W.A. died 1-26-1899 age 18m

Henning, A.H. born 4-11-1846

Henning, Jeanette born 4-2-1848 died 3/16/1918

Herring, Granville died 2/12/1901 age 72y

Hillix, J.A. died 8-31-1880 age 30y

Hilton, James B. born 1879 died 1892

Hilton, William A. born 1853 died 8-25-1914

Hilton, William R. born 1887 died 3-3-1888 age 6m

Hocker, Maude Louise born 5/1/1909 died 3/8/1993

Hoessl, Ernest born 1883 died 1984

Holland, baby girl died 1-21-1889 daughter of W.E. & Alice M. Holland

Honser, Frank Y.

Hooper, Howard died 8-15-1883 age 35y

Horsecroft, Richard died 7-1-1907 age 64y

House, Effie May born 1869 died 1939

Howcut, Bell M. died 8-18-1883 age 3m removed to NJ

Hugh, Richard died 4-?-1922 age 84y

Humber, J.T. died 4-18-1880 age 27y

Hunt, Freeman died 5/25/1904 killed at Cripple Creek

Hunt, Mary H. born 5-31-1871 died 8/23/1900 other record gives birth as 5-8-1871, age 29y 3m 20d

Hunter, Margaret died 12-21-1908 age 84y 7m

Hyatt, Doyle F. born 11/18/1963 died 4/19/1997 son of Hudson & Ruth Hyatt

Hyatt, Hudson C. born 9/8/1934 died 10/18/2004

Hyatt, Kathleen Faye died 3/23/1989 daughter of Doyle & Denise Hyatt

Hyatt, Ruth A. born 9/10/1942

Hyatt, Tillman Leroy born 11/15/1939 died 10/7/1995 SFC US Army

Ide, Mira F. born 1847 died 1879

Ivey, George born 9-8-1859 died 1/8/1908

Jansen, E.G.

Jefferson, Samantha J. born 8-20-1847 died 4/12/1907 wife of A. Jefferson

Jerome, Hiram died 11-20-1889 age 76y

Jerome, Willie died 3-1-1885 age 1d

John, David born 1847 died 12-23-1909 age 63y died in operation

John, Jennie born 7-14-1883 died 6-18-1894 age 10y daughter of D. & A. John

Johnson. Kos? died 1-23-1910 age 59y 6m

Johnston, W.T. died 1-31-1896 age 50y

Johnston, Ruth Bertha died 1886

Jones, baby died 12-4-1885 E.J. & M.L. stillborn

Jones, George C. died 9-30-1879 age 35y

Jones, Hammond died 12-3-1900

Jones, William F. born 6-22-1825 died 8-1-1897

Jordan, Rose B. Sizer born 8-?-1847 died 1-6-1903 wife of S.F. Jordan

Jordan, Sylvester F. born 7-16-1839 died 3/19/1923 GAR

Jordi, Bensfield Henry born 1887 died 12-11-1905 age 18y 4m 2d

Jordi, John born 12-23-1847 died 8/13/1902

Jordi, Johnny Nicolas died 12-16-1884 age 1y 3m 4d son of J. & M. Jordi

Jordi, Johnny Nicholas

Jordi, John W. born 1892 died 1924 died 6-9-1924, age 33y, stomach cancer, Mason & Elk

Jordi, Mother born 1835 died 11-14-1907 Mrs. Nicolas

Jordi, William Tell died 2-6-1890 age 7m 3w 3d, son of J. & M. Jordi

Kaufman, Harry H. born 4/21/1913 died 7/30/2001

Kaufman, Mitchell born 7/31/1944 died 8/15/1998

Kefford, Susan died 1-7-1930 age 22y

Keppler, Frank died 8-14-1880 age 54y burned to death

Key, Lew S. born 1864 died 8-21-1927

King, David died 2-2-1895 age 80y, pneumonia

Kleine, Henry William born 1885 died 1963 died 11-26-1963 age 78y, coronary thrombosis

Kline, Anna M. born 1919 died 1938

Kline, Fred born 1868 died 1945

Kline, Katie Hartsel born 1883 died 1959

Klose, Carl Fritz born 1872 died 4-28-1964

Klose, Johann A. born 1-24-1838 died 1-21-1894

Klose, Johanna C. born 9-3-1852 died 2/22/1900

Klose, Johanna M.A. born 4-6-1871 died 11/24/1906

Klose, twins children of J.A. & J.C. Klose

Klotz, Anna died 11-24-1885 age 7m

Knowlton, William died 2-27-1893 age 21y 5m

Knuth, Elizabeth J. born 3-18-1867 died 1/1/1952

Knuth, Ernest J. born 1-8-1898 died 1/11/1950

Knuth, Herman Arthur born 12-27-1893 died 3/5/1968 Colorado Pvt Co L 134 Infantry WWI

Knuth, John F. born 9-17-1859 died 5-16-1897 age 38y 7m 29d

Knuth, John F. born died

Knuth, Lillian A. born 1896 died 1982

Knuth, Wilhelm born 2-2-1838 died 10/17/1911

Knuth, Wilhelmina born 5-5-1833 died 7/13/1919

Knuth, William H. born 1889 died 1966 married 7-22-1914

Koch, Adeline J. born 9-?-1932 died 10-?-1932

Koch, Hattie C. born 7/20/1923 died 8/19/1923

Koch, John H. born 10-24-1899 died 9/3/1902

Koch, Roy T. born 1925 died 1926

Koppe, Albert died 1877

Koppe, August died 3-22-1935 age 83y

Koppe, Carl Conrad died 1/18/1934 Colorado Pct 4 Regt USMC

Koppe, Johanna M. born 1853 died 1-24-1909

Landen, Nellie M. born 12/6/1901 died 9/23/1971 age 69y, cardiorespiratory failure

Landen, William Ralph born 12-2-1899 died 1/30/1964 Colorado Sgt Co K 85 Inf 18 Div WWI, age 64y, carcinoma right lung,

Lange, Henry born 1868 died 3-7-1920

Langley, C.H.(Charles Herman Langley) born 7/1/1945 died 10/29/2004

Langston, Mildred born 1902 died 4-9-1975

Langston, Roy born 1886 died 6-28-1955

Larey, child of M+James H. died 6-3-1883 stillborn

Larson, Albert born 1843 died 9-1-1877

Larson, Albert Mrs. died 9-?-1904 age 87y

Larson, Caroline born 3-6-1894 died 1/8/1941 Caroline Rider Pettit Lairmore Larson

Lawrence, Edgar died 6/13/1900 age 46y

Lawrence, John

Lawrence, Myra B.

Laycock, Edwin L. born 1867 died 11-5-1953

Leary, Elizabeth J. died 6-4-1894 age 75y

Leary, Winifred died 7-21-1883 age 4m 15d, daughter of J.H. & R. Leary

Lee, Ernest E. born 1886 died 1954

Lee, Mable Leona born 1899 died 1992

Leftwick, Charles

Lensch, Wilhelm born 1856 died 1924

Leonard, Edgar A. died 10-29-1889 killed in Geyser shaft

Leonard, Edgar A. Mrs. died 2-14-1890age 65y

Lesher, Carson died 12-27-1880 age 4y

Lesher, Paul died 12-27-1880 age 6y

Lestor, Golden Nadine died 12-26-1927 age 7m 5d

Lewis, James C. died 9-25-1879 age 24y

Lewis, John died 7-30-1906 age 61y

Limberger, A. died 12-25-1879 age 35y

Lindsey, Dwight Duane age 12h

Link, Caroline born 1851 died 1928

Link, John Co A 15th Regiment Kansas Cav

Link, John Co A 15 Kans Cav

Loder, M.N.

Lyon, child of Lyon, Thomas died 12-18-1897 age 67y

Mabry, Anna E.V. died 1-16-1881 age 35y

Macha, Earnesteen A. born 1921 died 5-7-1982 married 10-5-1951

Macha, Francis H. born 1928 died 1984 married 10-5-1951

Mans, Wat died 8-26-1896

Mark, Anna May died 5-4-1894 age 4y 11m 9d

Mark, Ilse Catherine died 11-8-1893 age 18m

Martinez, Joe died 8-31-1943

Martinez, child of Joe died 10-11-1926 stillborn

Mathews, Mrs. W.B. born 7-18-1882 died 8/17/1952 Willie Belle Mathews, age 70y, adeno carcinoma

Mattes, Jennie born 1867 died 1900 age 31y, resident of Silver Cliff, wife of John Mattes, died 9-10-1899 shipped 9-10-1899 to Silver Cliff, Co accompanied by husband. Dr. Hubert Works, cost $65.00, McCarthy Funeral Home

Mayfield, Drusilla died 2-7-1896 age 55y

McCarthy, Elizabeth

McCarthy, ?

McClure, David died 4-10-1900 age 64y Co I 2nd Ia Inf

McClure, David Mrs. died 2-27-1901 age 50y

McCracken, J.W. died 12-9-1891 age 66y 4m

McFadden, child of H. died 8-25-1887 age 1d

McFann, D.H. died 4-20-1900 age 50y

McKinley, Effie May House born 1869 died 1939 mother of John

McKinley, Emma born 12-5-1845 died 9/2/1908 wife of John M. McKinley

McKinley, John M. born 1841 died 11-1-1924

McLane, Henry born 1854 died 1906

McManigell, John died 3-13-1886 age abt 60y suicide

McNeely, child of J.T. stillborn

McNeely, John T. died 9-14-1920 age 79y

McNitt, Thomas died 1-12-1880 age 14y 10m 21d, son of F.T. & S.M. McNitt

McNitt, Thomas

Meachan, John died 4-27-1880 age 26y

Mercer, J.E. died 11-10-1893

Mercer, Minnie Bell died 6-4-1894 age 26y

Merriam, Joseph A. born 1823 died 1902

Merriam, Ruth M. born 1825 died 1916

Metcalf, Harry died 2-11-1891 age 37y

Metcalf, W.H. died 12-23-1894 age 62y

Mettler, Edwin died 7-5-1880

Meyers, Josephine died 7-21-1879 age 3m 17d

Millard, Daniel Clay born 4-14-1893 died 10/8/1979 Cook US Army WWI

Millard, Daniel Clay born 4-14-1893 died 10/8/1979

Millard, Daniel Harvey born 1871 died 1-9-1961

Millard, Mina Bell born 10/7/1910 died 4/27/1999

Miller, George Mrs. died 7-3-1898

Miller, Henry died 2-26-1900 age 77y

Miller, Jacob died ?-14-1896 age 76y 7m 23d

Miller, Jacob Benjamin born 1833 died 10-1917

Miller, Joseph died 7-9-1882

Miller, Susan Elizabeth born 1845 died 3-5-1928

Minor, Bertie died 7-21-1879 age 3m 17d, son of GG & LB Minor

Mitchell, baby boy born 8-8-1882 died 9-3-1882 son of E & E Mitchell

Mitchell, Harlon died 5-19-1880 age 12y, accident

Monroe, Mary died 3-20-1881

Moore, David died 1-31-1891 age 59y Co C 27th Mo Inf

Moore, Grant died 10-20-1908 age aby 45y burned to death in cabin near Little Bernie mine

Moore, William H. died 12-15-1879 age 34y 14d

Morganstein, John F. born 1876 died 1956

Morganstein, Minnie E. born 1884 died 1967

Morley, Albert T. born 11-12-1878 died 4/10/1903

Morley, child of M. died 7-31-1880

Morley, Sarah J. born 8-6-1853 died 10/13/1903 wife of M. Morley

Morrison, S.A. died 11-23-1908 age 63y

Morrow, M.J. Curtis born 1907 died 1977

Mott, Edward L. born 1868 died 1952

Mourse, C. age 29y 7m

Moyle, Ralph H. Mrs died 2-7-1892 age 22y

Mott, Eva Stuart born 1879 died 1963

Muck, Emma born 1862 died 1949

Muck, George born 1865 died 1945

Naylor, Willson died 4-7-1880age 28y

Neilson, James William born 1876 died 10-27-1953

Nelson, Olaf A. died 1923

Nevins, M. died 12-8-1897 age 75y

Newgent, W. died 4-20-1880 age 36y

Newman, Phillip H. born 1864 died 1915

Newport, Albert D. born 1888 died 7-31-1907

Newport, Lydia A. born 1847 died 8-3-1907

Noxon, Alfred died 3/16/1904 age 66y 8d

Noxon, Mary Amelia died 1-17-1936 age 95y

O'Brien, James Anthony died 8-27-1935

Oelrich, Augusta born 12-28-1846 died 1/11/1921

Oelrich, Augusta

Oelrich, Christian born 5-13-1844 died 1/26/1913

Oelrich, Christian

Oelrich, Paul born 1-12-1869 died 8/28/1945

Oelrich, Richard Otto born 8-3-1873 died 11/14/1946

Oelrich, Theodore died 6-16-1947 age 67y 3m 1d

Ommanney, Francis Beachcroft born 9-13-1886 died 7-4-1887 son of A.R. & M.A. Ommanney

Oskay, Susan

Ozburn, Sarah E. born 1855 died 6-11-1942

Ozburn, W. Morton born 1849 died 12-25-1928

Padgett, Clifford A. died 10-26-1924 age 3d premature birth

Padgett, William L. died 1-1-1925 age 28d

Parker, Elizabeth died 3-4-1896 age 30y

Passmore, John W. died 6-25-1880 age 37y

Patten, David W. died 11-13-1885 age 40y, Co B 120 Ind Inf, died in Bull Domingo mine

Paulson Peter died 12-22-1925 age 76y

Percevill, Fannie M. died 11-25-1879 age 1y 6m

Perkins plot born died

Perkins, Donald

Perkins, Jeremiah born 2-5-1808 died 3-20-1886

Perkins, Talitha D. born 11-4-1832 died 7/15/1915

Peters, S.J. born 3-26-1837 died 4/25/1901 wife of Alonzo Peters

Peters, S.J. born died

Pigg, Martha died 11-30-1902 age 69y

Polley, G.A. died abt 1880

Postgreen, O.W. died 1-13-1880 age 31y

Potter, George A. died 3-18-1880 age 43y Lieut Co I 2nd Ky Inf in GAR plot

Potter, Sam died 4-5-1889 age 39y killed

Powell, Samuel died 3-14-1880 age 45y

Priest, Ella died 5-8-1880 age 16y

Pruscet, ? died 4-11-1888 age 68y Bull Domingo mine

Randolph, Nancy died 10-13-1890 age 75y

Rankin, Rosa Eikelman born 1889 died 1910

Raymond, George B. born 1858 died 9-11-1924

Raymond, Grace born 1886 died 10-21-1898 age 13y 4m pneumonia

Raymond, Maude C. born 1864 died 9-11-1936 age 72y 10m 8d coronary thrombosis

Reed, Andrew died 3-23-1883 found dead near Querida

Reed, Andrew Co F 153 Ind Inf

Reuker, Amalia born 1870 died 1966

Reuker, August born 1885 died 7-15-1923

Reuker, baby

Reuker, Robert born 1857 died 1933

Reuker, Therese H. born 1865 died 1948

Rhodes, William J. died 2-14-1879 age 26y 8m

Risley, H.M. died 2-12-1943 age 78y 3m 4d

Road, Ransom W. died 10-27-1884 age 15m

Roane, child of George

Roberts, Clyde Thomas born 8-1-1895 died 8-2-1895 son of Thomas Roberts

Roberts, Jesse & baby died 12-12-1903 Jesse age 25y died in childbirth

Roberts, Myrtle M. died 8-18-1896 age 23y 9m 27d

Roberts, Sweetheart M. born 8-12-1896 died 8-26-1896 daughter of Thomas Roberts

Robinson, Jimmie Dean born 8/21/1934 died 9/13/1934 son of D.L. & J.H.

Rockwood, Edward died 4-15-1879 age 19y

Roscoe, Michael W. died 7/20/1960

Roseberry, Gertrude Leary born 1845 died 1908

Russell, Charles died 3-21-1882 age 9m 3d

Russell, George H. born 11-5-1833 died 6-3-1883 Co C 5th Iowa Cav

Rust, Danny Jackson born 5/4/1948 died 3/1/1982 son of Harley and Dolores Rust

Rust, Dolores L. born 2/13/1920 died 6/9/1991

Rust. Harley E. born 12/29/1914 died 10/13/1979

Rust, Marie B. born 11-10-1915

Ruthledge, Paul died 4-10-1909 age 52y

Ryan, B. Mae born 1887 died 1953

Ryan, Charles born 1886 died 1936

Ryan, Grace E. born 1895 died 1927

Ryan, Howard died 5-2-1888 age 7y 6m 18d

Ryan, James A. born 1855 died 1937

Ryan, Jennie born 1-17-1870 died 2/18/1904

Ryan, Mary A. born 1860 died 1924

Ryan, Maude D. born 1885 died 1948

Ryan, Robert L. born 1888 died 1942

Salter, G.B. Lieut Co D 10th NY H.A.

Sanchez, child of Pula died 10-29-1926

Sanders, Cinderella born 1849 died 1923 died 5-3-1922. age 74y

Sanders, Edward H. born 1894 died 7-27-1895 twin of Edwin son of George

Sanders, Edwin E. born 1894 died 7-27-1895 twin of Edward son of George

Sanders, Fred died 4-14-1882 age 4y 6m

Sanders, George born 1852 died 1904 died 1-25-1904, age 54y, heart failure

Sanders, George C. born 1893 died 2-24-1964

Sanders, George infant

Sanders, William died 3-18-???? age 55y, stone broken

Saxe, John A. born 1851 died 1936

Saxe, Luella born 1860 died 1903

Scheible, Emma born 1854 died 3-17-1922 age 68y asthma

Scheible, Fred C. born 1855 died 7-23-1925 age 69y heart disease

Schellenberger, Henry died 1-25-1915 age 2y

Schellenberger, W. died 7-?-1917 age 2y

Schellerberg, Ida born 1876 died 1943 died 10-22-1943

Schellerberg, William born 1875 died 1939 died 6-3-1939 age 63y

Scherar, Archie B. born 1853 died 1902

Schmitt, Joseph born 1861 died 1929 died 2-13-1929, age 68y, lumbar pneumonia

Schneider, Emma died 8-27-1880 age 12y 3m 19d, daughter of M.J. & V. Schneider

Schoolfield, Anna K. born 1879 died 1969

Schoolfield, Leslie H. born 1882 died 1944

Schoolfield, Mary V. born 1839 died 1898

Schoolfield, William J. born 1829 died 1918

Schwab, Ernest born 1839 died 1-6-1912

Schwab, Maria born 1841 died 3-22-1918

Scott, child of Will died 2-7-1901 age 2m

Scott, Eli F. died 1-1-1892 Major 83 Ind Inf

Scott, Jessie died 9-17-1894 age 3m

Seabring, Andrew H. born 1832 died 4-15-1907

Seabring, Mary died 2-28-1915 age 74y

Seeley, J.H. died 10-12-1879 age 64y

Sellers, Clarence died 9-5-1945 at Toole, Utah age 63y

Sellers, Sarah Jane died 1-20-1929 age 85y

Sellers, William M. died 8-21-1928 age 58y

Schellenberger, Henry died 1-25-1915 age 2y

Schellenberger, W. died 7-?-1917 age 2y

Severns, M.A. died 3-22-1881

Severns, ?

Shaeffer, Ada died 3-10-1904 age 9m 10d

Shaeffer, Cevilla died 9-11-1897 age 69y 3d wif eof M.H. Shaeffer

Shaeffer, George W. born 1861 died 4-1-1932

Shaeffer, W.A. born 6-14-1859 died 5-11-1890

Shaeffer, W.A.

Shanks, child of James died 9-13-1897

Shanks, child of James died in September

Shearer, Archie B. born 1853 died 2-13-1902

Sheldon, Charles died 11-31-1878 age 30y

Siljopp, Anton born 1844 died 1893 other record shows Anton Schoppe, died 12-14-1897, age 50y, pneumonia

Siljopp, Arnold born 1841 died 1909 other record shows Arnold Schoppe, died 8-15-1909, age 68y

Siljopp, Peter born 1844 died 1892

Skevington, Charles died 5-27-1914 age 46y

Skevington, John died 11-30-1897 age 54y Lieut Co F 138 Ind Inf

Slater, Garnet born 1870 died 6-20-1951

Slater, Jeff born 1859 died 8-13-1929

Slater, Nettie May died 10-11-1909 age 43y 5m

Smith, Annie died 2-18-1905 age 49y 9m

Smith, George born 7-14-1822 died 9-14-1897 age 75y 2m U.S.N.

Smith, J. J. died 4-11-1904

Smith, Woodrow Wilson born 1918 died 9-9-1925 gun shot

Snyder, Mary died 6-12-1918 age 54y wife of A.V.

Sowers, Fred M. died 6-13-1890 typhoid fever

Spargo, infant infant of William Spargo, stillborn

Speer, Thomas born 1824 died 1894 born Kittanning, Pa.

Spencer, Edward W. born 11-5-1889 died 10/5/1965 Colorado Cpl 5 Wagon Co 23 Engrs WWI

Splawn, Isaac N. died 3-4-1918 age 87y

Spohn, Dorothea F. born 1835 died 12-28-1905 age 71y 6m 25d

Spohn, Samson died 1-28-1881 age 43y 1m 19d

St George, Joseph Mrs. died 10-25-1908 age 35y

Stagle, Phillip

Stanfield, George B. died 1-22-1886 age 17m 19d

Stanwther, Edgar died 4-21-1931 age 54y shot

Starr, child of Joseph

Steiger, Harriet Jo Turner born 1/30/1919 died 7/23/1999

Stephenson, F.G. died 7-14-1880 age 50y

Stewart, Adda R. born 1862 died 1948

Stewart, Genevieve born 1912 died 1999

Stewart, Henry born 1845 died 1-2-1915 age 69y 11m 14d apoplexy

Stewart, John Melvin born 1938 died 7-2-1972 at Tellluride, Co

Stewart, W. Ray born 1904 died 1990 married 9-5-1931

Stinemiller, John died 1-30-1880 age 9y 5d

Stone, Alice of Mrs. L. died 3-29-1881 age 24y

Stone, Harold D. born 11/11/1911 died 2/25/1979

Stone, M. Geneva born 5/3/1925 died 1/13/1997

Stow, William M. died 9-28-1882

Stroehlke, Alma born 7-8-1883 died 3/8/1936

Stroehlke, Alma S. born 1883 died 1936

Stroehlke, Edward C. born 1883

Stroehlke, Margaret A. born 1879 died 1955

Stroehlke, Oscar E. born 12-1-1874 died 3/4/1936

Stromwell, ? died 2-18-1922 age 71y

Strong, Fannie died 9-26-1880 daughter of W.H. & E. Strong

Sullivan, Hank died 12-25-1879 age 30y

Sweet, A.B. died 12-4-1882 gun shot

Swendt, Augusta died 6-6-1922 age 65y wife of David

Swendt, David died 4-10-1923 age 65y

Swendt, George

Swendt, Mary

Tannahill, C.D. or S.D

Tanner, Nora died 5-2-1880 age 35y

Tatman, Russell died 3/11/1909age 63y 11m, dropsey

Taylor, Milledge C. died 1881 born NY

Taylor, Richard died 9-7-1886 age 38y

Taylor, Sarah Jane died 1886

Templeman, Emily Gardner John born 1854 died 1-18-1931

Templeman, J.H. died 11-21-1890 age 37y 8m, age was hard to read, child of Ther, Fanny

Thomas, Delila C. born 1880 died 1942

Thomas, John R, died 12-23-1928 age 103y

Thomas, William H. born 1879 died 1952

Thompson, Albert died 8-22-1885 age 23y suicide

Thompson, Robert John born 1893 died 12-25-1928

Trainer, Frances died 5-9-1880 age 5m

Triplet, Henry died 12-10-1879 age 30y

True, child of L.B. died 6-15-1880 age 2d

True, Warren born 1-29-1822 died 1-30-1885

Truex, Jacob S. born 11-9-1824 died 10/9/1905 age 80y 11m WOW

Truex, John died 6-2-1882

Turner, Harriet B. born 1889 died 1975

Turner, Harry Louis born 1882 died 6-20-1967

Turner, Hedwige E. born 6/2/1906 died 10/22/1976

Turner, James C. born 9/23/1909 died 5/15/1997

Turner, James Louis born 2/7/1946 died 4/26/1968 Colorado Cpl Co A 1st Recon Bn 1 Mar Div Vietnam Purple Heart died Quang Nam

Turtle, Caroline died 1-23-1917 age 96y

Tusing, Frances born 1915 died 1989

Tusing, Hiram Leslie born 1-6-1898 died 6/10/1965 Colorado PFC Co D 19 Inf WWI & WWII

Tuttle, Georgie

Ulery, Elvina M. died 5-6-1917 age 73y 4m 19d

Ulsh, Donald E. born 1915 died 5-9-1917 age 1y 6m son of H.M.

Ulsh, Earnest A. born 1890 died 2-5-1899 shot, son of Frank

Ulsh, H.M.

Ulsh, Mary E. born 1897 died 1-12-1953

Ulsh, Mary E. born 1839 died 10-14-1937

Ulsh, Ruth died 1895 daughter of H.M.

Underwood, B.T. Martin born 1991 died 1997


unknown wrought iron fence


unknown stone on the right is unknown, on the left is Templeman

Vahldick stone born died

Vahldick, Albertena H. died 4-15-1882 age 38y, wife of Frederick Vahldick

Vahldick, Amelia A. died 10-29-1880 age 9m 27d, daughter of FW & AH Vahldick

Vahldick, Dalland son of F.W. & A.H. Vahldick

Vahldick, Frederick W. died 7/2/1902 age 54y

Vahldick, Herman A. died 8-22-1882 4m 19d, son of FW & AH Vahldick

Vahldick, Mary A. died 11-30-1920 age 62y

Vahldick, Mary Anne wife of Frederick Vahldick

VanBuren, T.C. died 4-22-1916 age 76y

VanHorn, child died 6-14-1883 age 10d

Vigar, Willie E. died 4-25-1880 age 6w

Vond, Henry died 7-6-1911 age 67y

Vorreiter, Augusta died 6-6-1903 age 68y

Vorreiter, child of W.C. died 5-11-1885 age 10m

Vorreiter, child of W.C. died 10-14-1886

Vorreiter, W.C Mrs. died 7-1-1886

Wadsworth, William B. born 1832 died 1922

Wagner, Carl F. born 1839 died 8-4-1901

Wagner, Julia A. born 1832 died 5-29-1904

Wakley, Elsworth died 2-7-1880 age 70y

Walters, Stephen born 1850 died 10-20-1920

Warren, ? died ?-10-1885

Washburn, Charles Henry born 1910 died 1-22-1980

Washburn, Dorothy Hamilton born 1910 died 2-27-1975

Washington, Lawrence A. died 2-28-1887 age 1 week

Washington, Martha I. died 4-1-1886 age 3m

Washington, Olive E. born 1858 died 1893 died 9-14-1893 age 37y 8m, consumption

Washington, Walter G. born 1845 died 1903 died 4-2-1903, age 58y rheumatism

Waters, ? born 1850 died 1920

Weber, D.Y.

Webster, Frank died 6-24-1898

Welch, Walter

Welch, J.E. died 12-22-1881

Westfall, Jessie B. born 1-23-1877 died 1-17-1897

Westfall, P.H. died 11-13-1885 age 29y 8m died in Bull Domingo mine

Whitcomb, Stephen B. born 8/23/1944 died 2/6/1987 US Army

White, A. G. died 7-13-1894 age 26y hit by lightening

White, child of A.H. died 8-23-1906 age 10d

White, H.W. died 10-14-1892 age 43y

White, Jesse died 9-3-1897 age 64y Capt Co F 77 NY Inf WOW

White, Oscar B. born 9-15-1870 died 10/8/1902 born Franklin County, Mo.

White, Oscar B. Mrs.

White, Sarah H. died 2-13-1924 age 79y

Whittman, Eddie died 2-6-1897 age 4m

Wilkinson, Charles H. born 1878 died 1947 Charles Henry, died 2-26-1947, age 68y 3m 26d, bronchial pneumonia

Wilkinson, Freeman L. born 2/13/1913 died 2/2/1987 Sgt US Army WWII, cremated

Wilkinson, May E. born 1878 died 1947 died 2-6-1947 age 68y 8m 21d, cerebral hemorhage

Williams, ?

Williams, Alma G. born 1865 died 1919

Williams, Harry M. born 1851

Williams, W.H. died 6-12-1895 age 45y

Willoughby, Carra died 6-26-1882

Wilson, Charlotte H. died 4-29-1886 age 67y 3m 12d

Wilson, G. died 8-27-1880 age 1m 2d son of William & Mary

Wilson, Mary A. born 1891 died 11-29-1959

Wilson, P.B. born 1844 died 1899

Wilson, William died 11-31-1879 age 6y

Winn, Jesse P. born 7-4-1832 died 1/22/1903 age 73y 5m

Winters, Mrs died 6-6-1880 age 46y

Withroe, Harold died 1-9-1903 age 4m

Wolff, Arthur died 3-4-? age 2m 3d

Wolff, Lorena born 1897 died 1975

Wolff, Louise E. born 1857 died 8-26-1905

Wolff, Robert T. born 1887 died 1957

Wolff, William C. born 1893 died 12-2-1918

Wood, Carolyn S. born 5/19/1960 died 5/9/1997 daughter of Melvin & Ruth Cornell

Wood, Sammy Clay born 1/6/1985 died 11/15/2003 son of Lloyd & Carolyn Wood

Woodard, E.P.

Wright, James Calvin born 1909 died 1928 died 6-9-1928 age17y, Typhoid fever

Wright, Stonewall J. born 1864 died 1921 died 4-29-1921, age 58y, pneumonia

Zentz, Edith E. born 1876 died 1958

Zentz, Lowell L. born 1904 died 5-15-1963

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