Custer County, Colorado
Cusak Cemetery

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North of Westcliffe, Colorado. Legal description is Sec 1, Twp45N, R12E, located on the Historical Pines Ranch on Hwy 170.

Cusack's Cemetery of the Pines. Consecrated Sept. 8, 1894 by Episcopal Bishop Spaulding. Land donated from the homesteads of brothers Reginald and Francis W. Cusack.

Custodians: GE Cusack, AB Cusack, KV Cusack, CR Cusack, RJ Cusack, KE Cusack.

Brandon, Ed born 1868 died 1931

Brodmerkle, Joyce Edith born 8-27-1921 died 7-17-2002

Brodmerkle, Joyce Oriel born 1893 died 1941

Brodmerkle, Joyce Oriel

Brodmerkle, Leroy A. born 1896 died 1970

Crowl, C.E. born 4-8-1905 died no date notes: "Bill"

Crowl, Margaret A. Forbes born 1926 died no date

Cusack, Dorothy Mildred born 1890 died 1918

Cusack, Geoffrey Urquhart born 1-15-1906 died 9-22-1986 notes: 80yrs, cremation

Cusack, Gertrude E. born 1869 died 1945

Cusack, Kyle Ian born 8-7-1979 died 10-11-1997

Cusack, Mary Ellen born 1833 died 1900

Cusack, Nancy B. born 10-16-1904 died 5-14-1992

Cusack, Reginald born 1860 died 1947

Forbes, Armand L. born 12-24-1912 died 6-?-1975

Glasgow, Audrey B. Cusack born 6-11-1903 died 11-29-1989

Lang, Sydney A. born 1870 died 1952

Lang, Thomas Alfred born 1869 died 1897

McKellar, Alan Campbell born 1882 died 1911

McKellar, Edith Rutledge born 1850 died 1918

McKellar, John born 1885 died 1948

Pennycuick, Elliott born 4-25-1871 died 9-6-1901

Ramsden, Francis Edward, R.N. born 7-24-1850 died 4-2-1882 notes: born in Shabershire, Eng., outside of fence.

Redacleave, Katherine born 1846 died 1943

Redmond, Joan Barbara born 1892 died 1960

Redmond, John Augustin born 1-17-1881 died 12-?-1971

Redmond, John Augustin Jr. born 4-16-1916 died 9-17-1998

Redmond, Joyce Anne born 6-23-1916 died 3-19-2006 notes: Social Security Death Index shows birth year as 1913.

Sanchez, Baby born no date died no date

Ulrich, Miriam Brodmerkle born 1930 died no date

Urquhart, Keith Alexander born 10-20-1874 died 3-4-1946 notes: Colorado Mess Sgt 157 Inf 40 Div WW1

Waddington, Alice born no date died no date

Waddington, Frederic born 1873 died 1947

Waddington, Mary Lou born 2-6-1931 died 10-?-1986

Waddington, Olivia Beddoes born 3-27-1896 died 3-29-1989 born and died at Colorado Springs, CO.

Waddington, Teresa born 1871 died 1944

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