Custer County, Colorado
Assumption Cemetery

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This Catholic Cemetery is located south of Silver Cliff and directly east of the Silver Cliff Cemetery. From Silver Cliff take Hwy 96 to Mill Street, south on Mill Street for one mile, cemetery is on your left. Records are kept at the church office, 109 South 5th, phone 719-783-2340.

Allard, D.M. Garnier wife of Joseph Allard

Allard, Joseph died 12-7-1884 born Canada, husband of D.M. Garnier Allard

Ancizo, Cypriano died 7-2-1881

Arnold, Annie Chetelat born 6-17-1863 died 6-16-1900 wife of I.L. Arnold

Arnold, Annie Chetelat

Banks, Frankie Marie died 7-27-1923

Barajas, Eleno (Dick Borges) born 8-18-1889 died 11-16-1967 born Mexico

Barajas, Marcellus Floyd born 8-18-1889 died 8-11-1936 born Mexico

Barrett, Mary Hellen Flatray born 1849 died 1-22-1913 born NY, wife of William E. Barrett

Beck, Flora L. Degree born 2-20-1893 died 3-21-1985 born Custer Co.,CO wife of Friedrich Anton Beck

Beck, Freddie Joseph born 3-20-1928 died 5-28-1928 born Custer Co.,CO

Beck, Friedrich Anton born 6-28-1887 died 1-27-1967 born Westcliffe, Co husband of Flora L. Degree Beck

Beck, Jacob born 5-6-1922 died 5-6-1922 born Custer Co.,CO

Beck, Mary Chatharina born 5-25-1893 died 2-18-1894 born Westcliffe, CO

Beck, Rosemary born 1-16-1918 died 10-15-1925 born Wet Mountain Valley, CO

Belisle, Catherine Wholey Timmons born 2-17-1884 died 12-24-1945 born Jerseyvllle, IL wife of Hismer Napoleon Belisle

Belisle, Harvey born 5-31-1879 died 4-24-1963 born Custer Co.,CO

Belisle, Hismer Napoleon born 3-31-1885 died 1-13-1955 born Custer Co.,CO husband of Catherine Wholey Timmons Belisle

Belisle, Joseph born 1832 died 8-23-1907 born Canada husband of Matilda Gervais DeGree Belisle

Belisle, Matilda Gervais DeGree born 1-22-1843 died 3-6-1934 born Montreal, Quebec., Canada wife of Joseph Belisle

Belisle, Milo born 8-26-1881 died 10-12-1896 born Wet Mt Valley, CO

Belisle, Sylvia born 4-25-1883 died 9-28-1896 born Custer Co., full name may be Maria Helen Sylvia Belisle

Bennet, Catherine died 12-15-1881 born KS

Bensfield, Nicholas Domnick born 1828 died 1-8-1894 born Germany, husband of Resina

Blei, Anna Mary born 12-12-1894 died 7-3-1990 born Custer Co.,CO

Blei, Bartholomew died 8-31-1904

Blei, Bertha born 8-18-1892 died 2-28-1894 born Custer Co.,CO

Blei, Carl born 1885 died 1885 born Wet Mt Valley, CO

Blei, Carl August born 10-15-1858 died 1-13-1944 born Weimar, Saxony, Germany husband of Walburga Frank Blei

Blei, Charles born 6-15-1932 died 6-16-1932 born Canon City, CO

Blei, Frank born 1887 died 1887

Blei, Magdalena born 1904 died 1904

Blei, Maria died 11-16-1903 born Custer Co.,CO

Blei, Mary born 1906 died 1906

Blei, Theresa Marie born 8-2-1886 died 6-18-1972 born CO

Blei, Walburga born 2-15-1935 died 2-15-1935 born Canon City, CO

Blei, Walburga Frank born 12-31-1864 died 4-15-1931 born Huegelsheim, Baden, Germany wife of Carl August Blei

Bordeau, Mary born 1897 died 9-20-1897

Burns, Bridget Mullraney born 2-28-1828 died 12-12-1905 wife of James Burns

Burns, James born 10-29-1817 died 5-28-1898 born Mt Charles, Donegal, Ireland husband of Bridget Mullraney Burns

Byrne, ?

Byrne, Bridget Frances Bums born 6-22-1864 died 12-17-1947 born MO wife of William J. Byrne

Byrne, Iris Brownwife of Patrick J. Byrne

Byrne, Patrick J. born 1-27-1881 died 6-29-1914 born Silver Cliff, CO husband of Inis ?

Byrne, Thomas Eddie died 7-23-1894

Byrne, William J. born 8-17-1850 died 7-14-1919 born Ireland husband of Bridget Francis Bums Byrne

Byrne, William Jr. born 1-12-1889 died 1-22-1947 born Silver Cliff, CO

Caldwell, Richard L. born 1917 died 12-22-2003

Casey, Thomas Patrick born 3-16-1921 died 5-26-2005 Col US Marine Corps WWII - Korea - Vietnam, Bronze Star with V & GS, Purple Heart

Chavez, Mildred died 10-9-1925

Chetelat, Annie no dates daughter of George and Christina Chetelat

Chetelat, Christina Marguerite born 9-19-1896 died 2-24-1897

Chetelat, Christina Marguerite footstone

Cholak, John born 1892 died 3-31-1943

Cholak, Martha born 1866 died 1-21-1937 wife of Michael Cholak

Cholak, Michael born 1860 died 12-26-1936 husband of Martha Cholak

Cody, Edward born 1-15-1912 died 6-21-1970 born Goldfield, CO husband of Myrtle Knuth Cody

Cody, Myrtle Knuth born 12-25-1910 died 6-16-2003 born Westcliffe, CO wife of Edward Cody

Copeland, Derwin H. born 1918 died no date

Copeland, Elizabeth J. born 1-27-1926 died 5-20-1986 born Denver, CO, 'Betty'

Cronkrite, George Robert born 9-3-1922 died 12-29-1996 Pvt US Army WWII

Croughan, Mary died 6-22-1882

DeGree, Augustine Jr. born 7-13-1860 died 12-5-1939 born Canada husband of Rose Anna Gagne DeGree

DeGree, Filiase A. born 9-17-1891 died 9-12-1970 born Custer Co, CO, "Phil", Veteran husband of Sadie E. Moose DeGree

DeGree, Frances E. White born 8-2-1900 died 2-24-1953 born Bonanza, AR wife of John Henry DeGree

DeGree, John Henry born 7-14-1898 died 6-15-1967 born CO husband of Frances E. White DeGree

DeGree, John Joseph born 8-31-1932 died 9-16-1985 born Westcliffe, CO

DeGree, Rose Anna Gagne born 7-11-1860 died 5-16-1941 born Canada wife of Augustine DeGree Jr.

DeGree, Sadie E. Moose born 8-31-1903 died 12-4-1973 born McCook, NB wife of Filiase A. DeGree

Degrossealeir, Napoleon died 9-6-1881 born about 1854

DeGrossillier, Fabiena died 1-?-1881 born Canada

DesMoineaux, Charles Mrs. born 8-11-1864 died 5-9-1917 born French Park, Co of Rascommon, Ireland

Dienow, Teresa born 11-11-1830 died 12-29-1898 born Germany

Dietrich, Anna Josephine Keller born 4-19-1899 died 1-27-1969 born Baden, Baden, Germany wife of Franz Dietrich

Dietrich, Bertha born 5-12-1857 died 4-17-1932 born Huegelsheim, Baden, Germany wife of Ferdinand Dietrich

Dietrich, Ferdinand born 10-28-1859 died 5-18-1943 born Baden Oss, Germany husband of Bertha Dietrich

Dietrich, Franz born 1-10-1898 died 12-21-1973 born Baden, Oss,.Germany husband of Anna Josephine Keller Dietrich

Dolan, Loretta Marie born 2-6-1933 died 2-28-1993

Dwyer, John died 10-25-1881

Elder, Anton born 1856 died 2-22-1932 born Germany husband of Catherine Kiesler Elder

Elder, Cathrine Kiesler born 1857 died 4-7-1920 born Germany wife of Anton Elder

Elder, Joseph born 3-11-1892 died 9-24-1893

Elder, Mary born 9-21-1891 died 9-26-1899

Ellis, baby girl born 6-1-1953 died 6-2-1953 born Pueblo, CO

Ellis, Bob B. born 2-9-1927 died 8-25-1983 husband of Rose Ann Ellis

Ellis, Rose Ann born 8-5-1926 died 10-27-1997 wife of Bob B. Ellis

Ellis, twin boys born 1953 died 1953

Ellis, Robert Paul born 12-28-1954 died 8-14-1976

Emard, Alexina born 1877 died 1972

Emard, Amanda born 6-29-1856 died 7-3 1-1938 born Montreal, Canada wife of Emery Emard

Emard, child died 2-1881 born Wet Mtn Valley, CO, child of Emery & Amanda

Emard, child died 6-23-1881child of Emery & Amanda

Emard, Clara born 1896 died 1-29-1900

Emard, Emery born 1850 died 3-17-1899 born Canada husband of Amanda Emard

Emard, Zeno born 10-2-1882 died 3-18-1902

Ercul, Alexander Peter born 11-16-1944 died 8-11-2002

Etzel, Adelbertha born 10-1-1875 died 4-13-1961 born Germany

Etzel, Anna died 12-8-1907 born Germany wife of Gabriel Etzel

Etzel, Anna

Etzel, Anthony died 8-10-1890

Etzel, Anthony C. born 2-28-1864 died 12-27-1901 born PA

Etzel, Bernard died 2-25-1883 born Wet Mtn Valley, CO

Etzel, Gabriel born 4-1-1839 died 4-17-1890 born Otsback, Sachsen Weimer, Germany, died at Canon City, Co. husband of Anna Etzel

Etzel, Gottfried born 11-1844 died 3-2-1928 born Sachsen, Germany husband of Mary Anna Etzel

Etzel, Gottfried

Etzel, Jacob born 1-19-1843 died 5-12-1920 born Saxe Weimar, Germany, husband of Mary Weis Etzel married 4-29-1889

Etzel, Mary Anna born 1847 died 9-17-1927 born Germany wife of Gottfried Etzel

Etzel, Mary Weis born 10-15-1855 died 8-8-1933 born Butler, PA, wife of Jacob Etzel married 4-29-1889

Faranz, Marie born 1840 died 4-11-1922 born Austria

Filteau, Corine C. born 1847 died 4-29-1919

Fink, Christian Patrick born 1983 died 2006

Fischer, Henry born 6-6-1860 died 12-7-1893

Fischer, Joseph W born 7-30-1888 died 1-28-1959 born Silver Cliff, CO

Flatray, Charles E. born 1880 died 10-20-1890 Nephew

Flatray, Deborah born 1829 died 1-25-1898 mother of Mary Hellen Barrett

Flatray, Deborah

Fox, Leonard born 8-2-1853 died 8-2-1928 born Germany

Fox, M. born 1870 died 1912

Frank, Baby born 1887 died 1887

Frank, Bessie born 1912 died 1912

Frank, Bessie

Frank, Godthart born 1846 died 11-5-1895 born Hegellshim, Baden, Baden, Germany husband of Sophia Wurtz Frank

Frank, Godthart footstone

Frank, Infant born 3-14-1914 died 4-11-1914

Frank, Joseph born 1873 died 1-10-1894

Frank, Joseph footstone

Frank, Sophia Wurtz born 11-1849 died 4-28-1916 born Baden, Baden, Germany wife of Godthart Frank

Frank, Sophia Wurtz footstone

Funderburk, Catherine Marie Whooley born 5-17-1902 died 4-1-1973 born Kansas City, MO wife of George Walter Funderburk

Funderburk, George Walter born 11-28-1902 died 12-4-1972 born Greenwood, CO husband of Catherine Marie Whooley Funderburk

Funderburk, Kathleen born 1930 died 8-27-1931 daughter of George Walter and Catherine Marie Funderburk

Garnier, Claudie born 11-25-1899 died 7-19-1902

Garnier, Claudie

Garnier, Florentine Gervais born 2-26-1852 died 1-14-1916 born Montreal, Quebec, Canada wife of Peter Garnier

Garnier, John died 1-25-1896

Garnier, John born 8-8-1847 died 8-15-1917 born Canada

Garnier, Joseph died 9-13-1886 born Wet Mtn Valley, CO

Garnier, Joseph born 1861 died 7-16-1917

Garnier, Lee Arthur born 9-24-1917 died 2-11-1922

Garnier, Leona born 1900 died 9-19-1905

Garnier, Maria Aurora born 5-31-1880 died 9-4-1880

Garnier, Maria Aurora footstone

Garnier, Maria Ivan born 11-21-1881 died 5-2-1888

Garnier, Maria Ivan footstone

Garnier, Mary died 2-4-1888

Garnier, Max born 11-1-1866 died 2-3-1937 born Montreal, Canada husband of Zelia Belisle Garnier

Garnier, Paul died 9-1890

Garnier, Peter born 8-22-1844 died 2-27-1922 born St Fabian, Quebec, Canada husband of Florentine Gervais Garnier

Garnier, Zelia Belisle born 1-20-1879 died 11-8-1967 born Westcliffe, CO wife of Max Garnier

Geanter, Mary died 3-24-1882 born PA, wife of James Geanter

Geanter, Mayme died 4-22-1882 born PA

Georges, Adolph born 1862 died 4-21-1917 born Alsace, Lorraine, Germany husband of Ida M. Georges

Georges, Ida M. born 6-24-1874 died 5-6-1960 born Wooford Co., IL wife of Adolph Georges

Georges, Matt born abt. 1850 died 2-6-1920 born Nancy, France

Georges, Meta born 10-18-1852 died 7-12-1907 born Germany

Geroux, Louisa died 1-20-1895 born Querida, CO

Gervais, Dora born 2-19-1878 died 5-3-1879

Gervais, Mamie born 2-2-1886 died 4-11-1888 daughter of Paul & Celia Gervais

Gervais, Mamie footstone

Gervais, Stella born 11-5-1884 died 4-12-1888

Gervais, Stella age 3y 5m 7d, daughter of Paul & Celia Gervais

Giegallon, Thomas died 12-31-1881 born Ireland

Giroux, Leroy P. born 11-27-1884 died 6-27-1886 age 1y 5m 6d

Giroux, Lucy born no date died no date

Grasser, Emma died 6-30-1888 born Silver Cliff, CO

Grasser, John died 1-7-1916

Gutierrez, Jose Ismael born 7-22-1908 died 8-13-1947

Gutierrez, Joseph born 5-?-1947 died 5-14-1947

Hannan, Ed born 1856 died 1923

Henrich, Genavea born 1852 died 6-22-1937 born Germany wife of John A. Henrich

Henrich, Anita Sue born 1932 died no date

Henrich, Casper born 1894 died 11-2-1960 born CO husband of Sylvia J. DeGree Henrich

Henrich, John A born 1847 died 9-15-1910 husband of Genavea Henrich

Henrich, John Adam, Jr. born 2-1-1885 died 10-13-1954 born Westcliffe, CO

Henrich, Sylvia J. DeGree born 8-26-1896 died 11-4-1994 born CO wife of Casper Henrich

Henrich, William A. born 6-27-1925 died 9-26-1983 born Canon City, CO

Hewisch, Franz died 1-28-1903

Higgins, Daniel died 1-10-1920 born Ireland

Hugg, James A. born 1923 died 6-15-1927 born Westcliffe, CO

Ireland, Agnes Marie Trost born 1-2-1880 died 12-16-1973 born LaPorte City, IA wife of William Francis Ireland

Ireland, Maurice F. born 4-18-1913 died 4-13-1945 born Fulton, WY, Colorado 1st Lt 90 Fld Arty Bn WWII

Ireland, William Francis born 11-17-1874 died 1-22-1939 born Cottage Hill, IA husband of Agnes Marie Trost Ireland

Jarvis, Benoni born 12-28-1888 died 2-20-1889 born Wet Mtn Valley, CO, ABN on stone after first name, Our first born, age 7 weeks

Katzenstein, Joseph Herman died 7-1-1888 born Silver Cliff, CO

Keber, Margaret L. born 7-31-1905 died 10-22-1989 born Denver, CO, US Army WWII

Keisler, Ruth Dalton born 12-17-1903 died 5-15-1938 born Hillside, CO

Kelly, ? died 2-27-1882 born Rosita, CO, child of Jobe

Kenny, Patrick J. born 1886 died 9-16-1941 born Canada

Kenure, John died 2-21-1914 born Ireland

Kiesler, Frances Etzel born 7-18-1874 died 7-6-1920 born Germany, wife of Joseph Kiesler married 2-12-1894

Kiesler, Hilary G born 2-12-1914 died 3-18-1915 born Westcliffe, CO

Kiesler, Joseph born 11-3-1864 died 7-10-1930 born Buttlar, Thuringia, Germany, husband of Frances Etzel Kiesler married 2-12-1894

Kiesler, Joseph

Kiesler, Mary Catherine born 12-9-1894 died 1-10-1895 born Wet Mtn Valley, CO

Kiesler, Mary Catherine

Kiesler, Ruth Dalton born 12-17-1903 died 5-15-1938 born Hillside, CO

Kiesler, Ruth Dalton

Kingsbury, Arthur born 1886 died 6-7-1914

Kingsbury, Ruth born 8-11-1911 died 8-16-1911

Knuth, John A. born 5-18-1912 died 7-6-2000 born Westcliffe, CO

Knuth, John William born 4-16-1887 died 5-20-1927 born CO husband of Rose B. Degree Knuth Vickerman

Knuth, Leonora A. born 1818 died no date

Koppe, Marie Byrne born 9-20-1886 died 2-23-1930 born Silver Cliff, CO

Kreis, Delia A. born 1880 died 5-27-1907

Lacy, Alexander H. born 8-8-1839 died 7-25-1908 born Hannibal, Marion Co., MO

Lacy, Ida L died 8-16-1887

Lange, Brandon born 1983 died 2002

Lange, Wyatt James born 1998 died 1999

Leiva, Flora died 5-20-1926

Loafman, Susan Marie born 5-19-1930 died 7-11-2001 born Westcliffe, CO, 'Susie'

Loafman, Susan Marie

Loafman, Susan Marie photo

Long, Edith M. born 1895 died 1992

Long, Halsey C. born 1893 died 1970

Long, Randolph died 1925 baby

Lutz, Francis E died 1-25-1885

Martin, Dorothy Louise born 1-10-1922 died 4-26-1986 born McGrawville, NY, 'Dot'

Martinez, Inez died 8-27-1926 born Westcliffe, CO

McCabe, Catherine died 7-16-1884 born Scotland

McCormick, Esther born 1-20-1899 died 12-3-1900 daughter of N & E McCormick

McDarty, Doris M. born 12-2-1914 died 10-28-1983

McDermott, child born 2-26-1882 child of ID McDermott

McGee, Alexander died 2-20-1901

McGinley, James died 1881

McGinnis, Joe died 3-18-1909 born Ireland

McIsaac, Alan died 1-23-1892 born Shean, N.S.

McLane Plot

McLane, Henry C. born 1854 died 1-6-1906 born SCR

McLane, Henry C.

McLane, Henry C. footstone

Medina, Colona died 6-4-1920 born New Mexico

Mehan, Dave Mrs. died 3-8-1922 born Otero Co., CO

Mercier, Archie L born 1886 died 2-25-1889 age 2y 9m 14d, son of W & LE Mercier

Mercier, Elizabeth M. Etzel born 2-28-1866 died 4-8-1940 born Sacramento, CA wife of Napoleon Mercier

Mercier, Louis born 1856 died 10-21-1881 age 25y

Mercier, Louis N died 2-21-1889 age 1y 21d, son of W & LE Mercier

Mercier, Napoleon born 6-20-1850 died 1-13-1941 born St Mary's, Canada husband of Elizabeth M. Etzel Mercier

Miller, Catherine A. Blei born 2-18-1937 died 1-8-1992 born Westcliffe, CO

Moose, Edward J. born 11-14-1937 died 9-6-1975

Moose, Walter J. Jr. born 12-6-1929 died 11-12-2004

Morin, baby girl died 11-22-1922

Morin, Fred E. born 3-17-1894 died 10-3-1918 born Rooks Co., KS, Arizona Cpl 355 Inf 89 Div

Mulligan, Margaret died 8-8-1881 born Liverpool, Eng

Ortibes, Naron died 7-5-1928

Perkins, Pamela Mary died 8-6-1895 'May'

Piroth, John born 7-12-1843 died 8-25-1893

Randolph, baby died 4-27-1945

Reichenbach, Joseph died 1-28-1896

Reilly, Charles E. born 1-16-1925 died 5-4-1994 SSgt US Air Force WWII - Korea, Purple Heart

Reilly, Elizabeth I. Mattes born 9-9-1885 died 4-27-1973 born Rosita, CO wife of James L. Reilly

Reilly, Emma born 11-8-1853 died 6-22-1901 born Rochester, NY

Reilly, James L. born 2-25-1875 died 1-22-1962 born Essex, NY husband of Elizabeth I. Mattes Reilly

Reilly, Thomas born 1842 died 3-15-1922 born Ireland

Roberts, baby died 7-2-1936

Roberts, Mary B. born 11-9-1918 died 11-26-1918 born Westcliffe, CO

Rohman, William A. died 2-12-1917

Rosenstauch, E Carolina died 6-22-1897

Rosenstrauch, Fred died 3-17-1910

Rosenstrauch, George died 3/24-1899

Roy, Alexander died 10-28-1937 husband of Petra Mary Vigil Roy married 5-25-1901

Roy, Petra Mary Vigil born 12-14-1876 died 5-21-1966 born Gardner, CO, wife of Alexander Roy married 5-25-1901

Ryan, Hannora F. died 1-1-1903 born Cahirconlish, Limerick, Ireland, wife of Thomas F. Ryan, age 85y

Ryan, Thomas F. born 11-10-1840 died 1-19-1916 born Gallyboula, Limerick, Ireland wife of Hannora F. Ryan

Ryan, Timothy F. born 7-1870 died 6-11-1952 born Ireland

Salameno, Baby died 12-14-1951

Salameno, Dominic born 8-7-1869 died 4-6-1963 born Italy

Salameno, Joe born 11-16-1902 died 6-26-1974

Salameno, Melio born 3-7-1913 died 8-26-1970 born Pueblo, CO, Colorado SSgt 9425 Tng Svc Unit WWII husband of Norma P. Cianfichi Salameno

Salameno, Norma P. Cianfichi born 6-7-1919 died 3-27-2002 born Scranton, PA, 'Nonie' wife of Melio Salameno

Salter, Debbie J. born 3-11-1956 died 9-22-2000

Salter, Terry L. born 10-27-1947 died no date

Salter, Terry L. photo

Sanchez, Esquepula born 9-25-1896 died 6-2-1975 born Chama, CO

Sanchez, Jose P. born 8-15-1889 died 12-13-1973 born Cbanta, CO husband of M. Cirila Sanchez

Sanchez, M. Cirila born 10-15-1899 died 7-3-1982 born Chama, CO wife of Jose P. Sanchez

Sanchez, Raymond born 3-20-1928 died 10-29-2001 born Silver Cliff, CO

Sanchez, Rosanda died 1-2-1927 born Westcliffe, CO

Sanchez, Steve born 4-15-1915 died 7-8-1969 born Chama, CO

Schmitt, John Bernard died 12-8-1905

Schneider, Andrew N. born 9-7-1883 died 4-10-1909

Schneider, Andrew N. footstone

Schneider, Anna Olivette born 10-23-1902 died 7-26-1918

Schneider, Conrad D. born 8-23-1848 died 3-26-1940 born Woodford Co., IL husband of Eva M. Schneider

Schneider, Daniel A. B. died 1-7-1962

Schneider, Ella P. born 4-21-1885 died 5-28-1898 daughter of Conrad D. and Eva M. Schneider

Schneider, Eva M. born 12-28-1848 died 8-22-1916 born Woodford Co., IL wife of Conrad D. Schneider

Schneider, Francine R. Garnier born 10-8-1878 died 9-3-1947 born Wet Mountain Valley, CO wife of Joseph F. Schneider

Schneider, Frank A. born 4-11-1914 died 7-23-1986 born Westcliffe, CO husband of Mildred Cranford Schneider

Schneider, Frank L. born 1871 died 1-10-1892 born Wet Mtn Valley, CO

Schneider, Frank L.

Schneider, George J. born 6-23-1914 died 6-12-1966 born Canon City, CO

Schneider, George P. born 1876 died 10-13-1941 born Wet Mountain Valley, CO husband of Nellie Schneider

Schneider, Henry Fred born 6-22-1881 died 5-1-1957 born Westcliffe, CO

Schneider, Joseph F. born 10-19-1872 died 1-4-1950 born Woodford County, IL husband of Francine R. Garnier Schneider

Schneider, Mildred Cranford born 3-10-1908 died 3-17-1986 born Peoria, IL, 'Mickey' wife of Frank A. Schneider

Schneider, Nellie born 3-9-1905 died 1-15-1935 born MO wife of George P. Schneider

Schneider, Nellie

Shirley, Edward G. born 10-10-1876 died 12-5-1948 born Philadelphia, PA

Shirley, Edwin L. born 10-7-1913 died 4-14-1950 born Denver, CO

Simons, Helene E. born 10-4-1927 died 2-2-1993 born Portland, ME wife of Joseph E. Simons

Simons, Joseph E. born 1-26-1921 died 5-19-1993 born Tamaqua, PA husband of Helene E. Simons

Smith, Maggie died 2-13-1901 born Nova Scotia

Smith, Mary Elizabeth died 8-9-1881 born IA

Squire, Brett Alan born 1973 died 1973

Squire, Brianna L born 5-15-1987 died 7-14-2002 born Pueblo, Pueblo Co., CO

Squire, Brianna L photo

Stinebaugh, Herman born 6-6-1877 died 9-27-1949 born Ottowa, KS

Susman, Frank born 1-24-1876 died 12-31-1943 born Rakitna, Austria

Taylor, Alexina R born 5-21-1877 died 3-18-1972 born St. Constant, Quebec, Canada

Theisen, Lillian E died 2-7-1904 born Golden, CO

Trujillo, Jake Alphonse died 12-29-1944 born Silver Cliff, CO

Ulsh, Rose Marie born 5-16-1942 died 5-20-1942 born Pueblo, CO

unknown 3 graves with white crosses after Mercier

unknown white cross with flowers

unknown JAS, born 12-14-1951

unknown cement cross with bricks and flowers

unknown rock with cross etched on it, rock border

unknown rock, rock border with flowers

unknown M_D

unknown broken steel pipe cross in rock

Utley, E. Marvin born 8-7-1918 died 1-15-1981Tec5 US Army WWII

Valdez, Bernardo born 1927 died 8-24-1928 born Westcliffe, CO

Valdez, Bernardo

Valles, Mary Nancy died 3-5-1932 born CO

Vance, Brandon born 1980 died 2002

Vickerman, Danny born 10-16-1955 died 10-16-1955

Vickerman, Freddie born 1-2-1953 died 1-2-1953

Vickerman, Garth born 8-20-1951 died 8-22-1951

Vickerman, Margaret born 10-2-1956 died 10-2-1956

Vickerman, Raymond M. born 9-19-1877 died 6-25-1959 born Linden, Iowa Co., WI husband of Rose B. Degree Knuth Vickerman

Vickerman, Rose B. Degree Knuth born 4-17-1890 died 5-10-1986 born Westcliffe, CO wife of Raymond M. Vickerman

Vigil, Inocencio born 4-21-1900 died 3-8-1970 born Red Wing, CO

Walsh, Patrick J. born 1838 died 12-16-1911age 73y

Walsh, Patrick J. footstone

Washburn, ? died 2-27-1882 born Rosita, CO, child of R. Washburn

Washburn, Sarah died 7-8-1900

Westover, Margaret E. Taylor Fox born 1-26-1870 died 8-16-1942 born Jefferson Co., MO, wife of Robert Westover

White, William died 12-22-1884 born Querida, CO

Whyte, Hugh F. born 8-9-1876 died 3-17-1895 son of WH and EAW White

Whyte, Hugh F. footstone

Wildy, Jacob died 9-20-1895 born Buffalo, NY

Wildy, Jonnie died 10-10-1893

Williams, Honora Frances born 3-15-1901

Womack, John M. born 6-8-1861 died 1-11-1942 born Doe Run, MO husband of Teresa Womack

Womack, Teresa born 5-20-1865 died 4-10-1959 born Blackwell, MO wife of John M. Womack

Yankovich, Sonya Lynn born 1978 died 1978

Yankovich, Sonya Lynn

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